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A steampunk bronze dice

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Steampunk bronze dice.

Due to how the model is, I had to make it a bit smaller so the numbers would fit, otherwise would've been cut in a square looking very very bad. Instead the added bonus number look just a bit off instead (sacrifices were made). Still looks good, see gif below.

(downscaled image, looks crisp ingame)


- Use Vortex/BG3 mod manager (can be placed last in order)
- Alternatively, drag'n'drop on the mods folder here:
C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\Mods


- Either go to the mod folder and delete the  .pak file, or delete them using your mod manager.


- BIG humongous thanks to #Anexc for his dice creator tool. Also for the follow ups on the comments (go say thanks to him)
- More big credits to #SeanConnerX0 for his UUIDs dice tool that allowed for each dice to have a unique id (go say thanks to him as well)
- Used this dice model

- Couldn't you rotate the dice so every number would fit perfectly?
 - Nope: the dice itself isn't perfectly symmetric I think, I tried 5 times and no matter what some numbers won't align, it is what it is (you can download the model and try) (see in the top image that both top and bottom valves are tilted to the left, impossible if it were symmetric)