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A faithful implementation of Smites in BG3 following the D&D 5e ruleset

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Requires a Paladin mod, my Ranger Smites mod or Hexblade to work, and needs to be placed below the Paladin/Ranger/Hexblade mod in the mod order. This mod is now obsolete since I have released my own Paladin mod that includes the same features - - but I will still keep this around as a modding resource.

Smites haven't been added into the game faithfully so far. This has been a bit of a challenge trying to overengineer a way to deliver the same features as per the tabletop experience, since BG3 really isn't designed to support this natively so far. I challenge anyone using this mod to post bugs (that I haven't already) because if you can't find any, that's when I know I have succeeded in the aim of this mod.

How to use Divine Smite:
1. Cast the spell once on yourself. This will not use a spell slot and the "Divine Smite (Active)" buff will show.
2. Hit an enemy with a melee weapon attack or a melee offhand attack (bonus action)
3. They will receive a buff (2 if you crit) unless they're already dead...
4. When casting Divine Smite, you can now target the enemy you hit, it will use the spell slot and apply the extra radiant damage.

This means that more than 1 player can use Divine Smite without issues and only the last applied Divine Smite can be used.

Blinding Smite (up to Level 3 spell slot) - Not many enemies use invisibility but it definitely stops them from doing so
Divine Smite (up to Level 3 spell slot) - needs to be cast once first
Searing Smite (up to Level 3 spell slot) - including the option to disperse the flames with the help command or via water
Thunderous Smite - including the sound effect on a hit
Wrathful Smite - including an action required to roll for this to be dispelled that the AI use. This uses a saving throw instead of ability check as the option doesn't seem to exist for combat in-engine.

Manual Installation reference (highly recommend using a mod manager, I've added support for Candor):

Add .pak file to Documents\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\Mods

Then in Documents\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\PlayerProfiles\*Your profile here*\modsettings.lsx edit the file in notepad to the following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <version major="4" minor="0" revision="0" build="51"/>
    <region id="ModuleSettings">
        <node id="root">
                <node id="Mods">
                        <node id="ModuleShortDesc">
                            <attribute id="Folder" type="LSWString" value="Gustav"/>
                            <attribute id="MD5" type="LSString" value=""/>
                            <attribute id="Name" type="FixedString" value="Gustav"/>
                            <attribute id="UUID" type="FixedString" value="991c9c7a-fb80-40cb-8f0d-b92d4e80e9b1"/>
                            <attribute id="Version" type="int32" value="268435456"/>

<!-----Paladin/Ranger/Hexblade mod here---->

<node id="ModuleShortDesc">
<attribute id="Folder" type="LSWString" value="RAWSmites"/>
<attribute id="MD5" type="LSString" value=""/>
<attribute id="Name" type="FixedString" value="RAWSmites"/>
<attribute id="UUID" type="FixedString" value="e3caf075-ea6d-45d7-b822-89ac1e5508fc"/>
<attribute id="Version" type="int32" value="1"/>


Designed to compliment Figs999's Paladin mod, my Ranger smite mod and Kgboy's Hexblade mod