Baldur's Gate 3

About this mod

Adds vanilla-like necklaces and rings with great but balanced power. Neat 110 powerful artifacts are already waiting for you in this world! All items drop randomly, with a rare chance. A true immersive mod that you won't even realize is a mod!

Permissions and credits
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- "There are many magic rings in this world, and none of them should be used lightly."

If you are tired of the same loot and want to diversify your game, I recommend you to get this mod. It adds 110 new pieces of jewelry from ancient wizards, necromancers, cults and kingdoms, meticulously crafted and with a history of their own. All jewelry here is centered around passive effects, some of which open the door to interesting builds. The prices are set to tie in with the prices of the original jewelry rarity, so if you have a complaint about prices - it was intended in vanilla. No further reading is interesting, go to the download.

Where can I find them?
The mod is divided into two versions: Roleplay and Cheat. The versions are incompatible with each other, because if you spawn unique items in a chest, they won't drop in other places. And I don't want to do a combined version without uniqueness, as then items might drop multiple times.
> The Roleplay version is tied to the Randomized Equipment Loot mod, without it you won't see any items in the loot.
> In the Cheat version, all jewelry are available in unlimited quantities through the Tutorial Chest.

Installation via BG3 Mod Manager as usual, either via Vortex or manually. Remember, to remove the mod (I have no idea why you would want to do this) you need to get rid of all the items so you don't break your save. This is usually best done by putting them in a temporary Tutorial Chest, where they will disappear once the chest is gone. The mod can safely be installed in the middle of the game!
If you plan on installing the Roleplay version, make sure you download REL Ancient!

Should be compatible with all mods, so you can install this mod just in case, it's unlikely to break anything. Remember that you need a fresh ModFixer for this mod to work, otherwise characters will stop talking. The mod does not modify any vanilla files and does not interact with other mods!

English - by Paramonov / redaction by D&D expert Grimpreacher / 2.20
Russian / 2.20
Chinese - by OgreDio / 2.14
Chinese Traditional - by OgreDio / 2.14
German - by ELITExTB / 2.17
French - standalone mod by Ballzehh / 2.14
Brazilian-Portuguese - by BeDuck03BRPlayer / 2.20
Spanish(and Latin Spanish) - by hombrelobo / Half, not updated
Italian - standalone mod by Rahl81 / 2.20
Korean - standalone mod by bk0n9 / 2.20

I also leave the actual localization file, just translate and send it to me.

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Author's Explanations on the Effects of Jewelry
First of all, all the effects you see in the screenshots are from a level 1 character. Therefore, on scalable items you see the worst degree of effect. I'd also like to point out that many screenshots are outdated and may not show the current item balance.

Temple Ring: This is the first and last time I placed a spell inside an item. Despite my reluctance to do so initially, there was no other way to implement this mechanic. Allows you to summon you trusted temple guards with warhammers, ready to stay with you right up until your long rest.
Great Charmer's Ring: The whole trick is to turn your enemies into friends - and then deal them a sneaky blow! Anyway, the power of the ring will allow you to seriously change the essence of fighting encounters with humanoids, especially if they lack Wisdom.
Ring of a Thousand Topazes: I know there are a lot of players who love high dps, and they wouldn't mind a tool that seriously boosts their critical attacks. So here comes a ring like this. By double crit, it means "Normal crit 200% damage + Normal crit 200% damage". As far as I've tested, the buff can't proc from a crit that is given by the same buff, which eliminates the snowball effect.
Mythical General's Ring: Another great piece of jewelry for tank-fighters who very much require to take a lot of physical damage.
Snow Giant's Ring: A rather odd ring that plays around the frost theme, and some might say its effect isn't enough for legendary rarity, but I still think you can pull off a lot of broken tactics around a frozen surface, so we'll see how it goes.
Ring of Ancient Magic: Another artifact from the Force Damage OP Stuff series, but this time of legendary quality, and tied strictly to weapon attacks. It is designed to equalize your dps in difficult encounters where misses on enemies are not uncommon.
Ring of Peaceful Dawn: A beautiful ring that reflects the essence of the dawn sun. Use the time of this buff wisely, because it will seriously improve your group's survivability and allow you to pass a difficult encounter that was previously impassable.
Cosmic Interference Pendant: The most powerful necklace from the mod, surpassing all others in rarity and effect. It drops half as often as other mod items and is priced based on vanilla legendary necklaces. This pendant affects all dice-related aspects of the game.
Amulet of the Ancient Necromancer: A necklace that belonged to a dark magician who practiced forbidden mysteries. Designed to unleash under any conditions, but probably best suited for casters. Necrotic damage bonus applies to normal attacks and spells, and vision works the same way as Wyll's.
Beads of the Ancient Warrior: This item is versatile and fits any build, as it simply provides room for maneuver and tactics.
Malar's Wolf Amulet: A legendary amulet that seriously increases a character's combat effectiveness against humanoids, as well as allowing player to ignore slowing terrain. Slightly increases shove power, but I'm not sure Proficiency stacks, so it would be a useless bonus for warriors.
Supreme Paladin's Pendant: A great artifact of a great champion for justice. The Supreme Paladin has left us many of his artifacts, but this time you have laid your hands on his pendant, which has truly mighty power. It will help you stay alive even against three hundred opponents at once.
Waukeen's Marked Ring: a one of a kind jewelry item that allows you to occasionally spawn some gold under the corpses of enemies (about 50g at level 5). Remember that it is the wearer of the ring who needs to deliver the finishing blow.
Baldurian Ring of Nobility: Enchanted by the city's noble family, this ring will greatly enhance your ability to pass difficult non-combat moments through deception.
Sharantyr's Ring: This ring used to belong to a great ranger of the past, but now its power has declined a little, yet it can still be threatening in the right hands. Essentially increases the crit chance of your agility user by 15%.
Ring of Unseen Deserts: The ring with probably the most unusual, daring and broken mechanics imaginable. When you step on any surface (fire, poison, lava, etc.), the ring opens a portal and transports that surface to a faraway land. It will be very interesting to see what uses you find for this item.
Ring of Omnipotence: A casual ring that enhances your effectiveness with cantrips. Works only once per attack.
Baldurian Wizard's Ring: Enchanted by a powerful city wizard, this ring will allow you to enhance your allies and yourself by a minor increase in magical stats. Keep in mind that the aura also affects neutral creatures - but not enemies.
Garnet Ring: The strongest non-combat ring that inadequately grows your history skills with level. Allows you to almost always successfully pass the checks of this skill.
Infernal Ring: Another semi-fun ring that opens a portal to Avernus once you are affected by burning(fire damage doesn't count). Be careful, because although you become immune to hellfire - your allies do not! The artifact's destructive power will wipe out any mass of weak enemies in a huge radius once per long rest.
Selûne's Silver Ring: Just a great stable ring that will help you catch up on essential stats mid-game. As far as I understand the mechanics, any bonuses that will make your intelligence below 20 will not take effect when you wear this ring.
Restored Ring: The concept of this item is to give more quality of life for late-game. Strong mages can benefit greatly from this ring by not slowing down the rest of the party.
Chauntea Worshipper's Ring: With the magic of this ring, you can turn small puddles of mud into truly blooming gardens. However, the plants are quite aggressive and slow down creatures passing through them by 4 times. Except you, of course. The deity also protects you from death magic. It's a great choice for a character who loves to burst into the middle of enemies and severely limit their mobility.
Knight's Ring: A really strong artifact that allows you to gain a huge amount of benefit when finishing enemies, and the better leveled you are - the stronger you'll be at breaking any ability checks. Remember that the effect doesn't work on skill checks.
Ancient Emperor's Ring: There is hidden potential in all of us - and this ring only reveals it in you! The screenshot is from a level 5 character, so keep that in mind when evaluating the damage the effect deals. A great addition for your unarmed warrior, allowing you to start the combat on a high note.
Evil Ring: One of the most evil and powerful rings a sentient being could create. The ring will occasionally cast insane spells without being asked, affecting both your opponents - and you! The upside of this is that it infuses you with dark energy, increasing your amount of health.
Ring of Secret Destiny: Who would have thought that a magic ring would only work when it was hit? It has very dual properties and is highly dependent on the tactics of the user: the wrong placement of creatures and enemies can crush your fight - or it can allow you to finish it without a single loss.
Pearl Ring of Rainbow Colors: A relatively powerful item with a strong effect against hostile effects. The more fiercely statuses are applied to you, the stronger you will resist them. The ring also triggers from friendly effects.

Medallion of the Great Victory: Increases your maximum health and seriously increases your movement speed. With this necklace I want to add more possibilities to unleash tank fighters or mobile units.
Enchanted Ruby Pendant: One of 6 necklaces associated with a pure increase in a stat and an advantage in it.
Amulet of the Bull Cult: One of 6 necklaces associated with a pure increase in a stat and an advantage in it.
Pendant of the Forest Ranger: One of 6 necklaces associated with a pure increase in a stat and an advantage in it.
Archmage's Pendant: One of 6 necklaces associated with a pure increase in a stat and an advantage in it.
Primordial Amulet: One of 6 necklaces associated with a pure increase in a stat and an advantage in it.
Pendant of the Great Council: One of 6 necklaces associated with a pure increase in a stat and an advantage in it.
Amulet of Dragon Taming: Yet another item that adds all sorts of resistances to fire. But this necklace also lowers the critical hit threshold by 2 - you only need to roll 18 on the dice.
Copper Crow Amulet: This item is supposed to be a minor one, not designed for anyone in particular. But it can still perform well for heroes with good dexterity, as well as for solo runs without a fall spell.
Capricious Princeling's Medallion: A beautiful medallion created long ago by one capricious prince. Due to its beauty, it gives you a Charisma point, but it also has a strong enchantment that expands the maneuvering space for any caster using Spell Slots.
Pendant of Frightening Destruction: Just a rare, but nonetheless incredibly powerful pendant. It seriously slows down the wearer, which deprives him of mobility in combat, but gives a great versatile damage boost, which is most noticeable in the early game.
Lloth Cultist's Ring: With this magical ring, created by the ancient inhabitants of the Underdark, one of Lloth's cultists skillfully deceived his colleagues and worshipped a dark goddess. The dark essence of the ring interferes with your efforts to harm evil creatures.
Gnoll Chief's Ring: Molded by an outcast fanatic of the gnoll god, this ring has been infused with the rage of the gnoll chieftain and now allows you to greatly accelerate your pace after a kill.
Viper's Onyx Ring: The rather interesting mechanics of this ring allow you to play around your character's death. As soon as he is hit with a fatal blow, the offender is immediately struck by a deadly venom.
Dried Mucous Ring: A pretty strong ring in certain conditions, allowing you to benefit greatly from the acid surface, and deal awesome stable AoE damage to a group of opponents nearby.
Quartz Ring: Roughly molded, this ring only makes sense because of the embedded quartz from the very depths of the mountains, infused with powerful dark raw magic. It can commune with creatures and share its wisdom, as well as unleash serious power against enemies and wearer alike.
Horus-Re Priest's Ring: A ring with a very powerful protective aura. The demigod itself creates a Solar Dome for you, protecting you from minor attacks - but also dealing Radiant damage every turn! Keep in mind that the aura is triggered by movement.
Royal Messenger's Ring: A ring that belonged to a secret messenger delivering documents of critical importance. It was specifically enchanted to minimize any damage from uninvited bandits. Will save you in situations where you are often hit by one turn. Beware of pushes, as you will become lighter!
Ring of Imponderable Smoke: This transparent ring seems to hold a smoky spirit that helps its wearer by taking their living energy in return. The interesting mechanics of the ring will allow you to evade the attention of enemies after they damage you.
Duergar Torture Ring: This is a ring with very complex mechanics that I had to create from scratch, as none of the vanilla variants fit the idea. This is a really powerful ring that once in a long rest will allow you to burst into a crowd of enemies and maybe oneshot a few - and even knock someone over.
Ghouls Worshipper's Ring: One of the rings with a near-vampire theme, allowing you to "heal" with some degree of success in serious attacks against humanoids.
Astral Dream Ring: A ring with a rather annoying mechanic if your character is bad at Wisdom. Seriously increases your attacking magic potential, but constantly tries to put you to sleep! Remember that allies can pull you out of sleep and you can take action right away.
Ring of Master Wang: Formerly in the possession of an ancient martial arts master, this ring unlocks the secrets of millennia of experience and allows you to learn to wield simple weapons.
Tribal Talisman: A terrifying magical ring for capturing slaves and imprisoning their souls inside, which you have however learned to use to increase the accuracy of your melee attacks. Beware of going mad!
Ring of Raging Fire: An item with very interesting and powerful mechanics that will definitely appeal to all fire mages. The idea of the ring is that you have to kill the enemy while he has a debuff on him in order to cause a huge fire blast and hit all the creatures nearby.
Pine Needles Ring: A seemingly ordinary woven ring usually made by children - but a dryad lives in it? I'm sure she will grant you any wish, as long as you keep this ring alive. Great for various rangers and ranged fighters.
Human Captain's Ring: The second on my account is a non-magical ring, which however has more of a placebo effect. It improves your Charisma for a while after a long rest, so it can be used as a must-have item before going to bed.
Ring of Long Life: Elves are elves for a reason, as only they know how to create such wonderful jewelry! A good addition to the aquamancer strategy, allowing for decent healing on water.
Ring of Petrifying Strength: One of the most horrific rings added in the mod, as it puts you at constant risk of turning to stone and losing your character. Of course, there is always basilisk oil you can craft, as well as one spell. The best traveling ring for fighting in underground locations.
Ring of the Brown Hunt: A ring that gives barbarians more tactical options in the mid-game.
Ring of Emerald Dreams: The idea behind this artifact is that while in combat, you accumulate stacks that are converted into a buff that enhances your next spell. But the trick is that once you get this buff, you can cast nothing and enjoy the benefits of increased characteristics for a while. Most caster spells are scaled by ability modifiers, so the buff is still not too strong to break the game.
Ring of Fateful Strikes: the little brother of the cosmic pendant, this ring however is meant more for those who rely on melee critical damage in their build.
Ring of the Brave Adventurer: A great mid-game ring that allows for good fire damage tanking in nasty encounters.
Worn Witch's Amulet: One of the strangest amulets enchanted by hag. With it you will be able to pull off certain combinations on immune bosses that you couldn't do before. However, as a punishment, you get twice as much damage from all sources and start your turn later than the others.
Charged Lightning Pendant: Just a pretty good rare amulet for a caster's roleplay on lightning spells. It's important to know that damage is scaled from your Spell Casting Ability Modifier.
Alchemist's Acid Stone: One of the rarest alchemical stones, designed on the edge of technology and magic, will allow you to use it in strange encounters where you need to avoid acid damage. Of course, the bad side of wearing it is that you'll miss attacks more often.
Amethyst Wizard's Pendant: An interesting pendant that allows casters to cast hostile spells more intensely where they previously couldn't due to low accuracy. The only problem is that the artifact takes a bit of magic power.
Elven Queen's Earrings: A non-combat jewelry designed to increase a player's luck and reduce the chance of critical failures.
Dwarf King's Golden Pendant: A great combat pendant that allows you to laugh at ranged enemies by absorbing an incredible amount of damage - especially if your Strength is a good. The downside of wearing it is the low Saving Throws ability.
Frost Spider Amulet: An indispensable amulet for Dexterity users. Seriously increases your combat effectiveness in stealth, and also increases the effectiveness of stealth itself.
Ice Queen Pendant: It seems that this pendant used to belong to an ancient sorceress, and when she died, her soul moved into the artifact. You will now capitalize on it, and get a significant damage boost to all attacks with Cold damage - but only when you stand on an icy surface. The item uses a buff for 2 turns, so you'll be able to benefit from the effect even when you leave the ice.
Blinding Light Pendant: The pendant of an ancient powerful paladin who used this artifact for his good and almighty deeds. Allows you to activate a Blinding check on enemies, dealing Radiant damage of any nature.
Thay's Battle Amulet: A very strong early game amulet that allows you to pass intimidation checks easier, and gives a nice damage boost to any class. However, with a good effect comes a backlash.
Monk's Soul Pendant: This pendant encapsulates the soul of a dodgy monk who has spent his life running and hiding. He was caught and imprisoned in this jewelry. But his power was so great that from time to time it bursts out of the pendant. Great for those who like mobile combat - but don't like to get a backlash. Useless for those who are already bad at dodgy stuff.
Thought-stealing Amulet: Enchanted to hypnotize and steal the thoughts of those around it, this amulet was as if created for sages, politicians, and diplomats. It will make you more comfortable in non-combat dialogs. Enchanted to hypnotize and steal the thoughts of those around it, this amulet was as if created for sages, politicians, and diplomats. It will make you more comfortable in non-combat dialogs. But you need to be a good wise person yourself.
Gnomish Mechanical Ring: A very strong ring for those who choose to play through sleight of hand and similar themes, but there is one nuance - you need the second part of the magic mechanism to make it work. Keep in mind that this system is a bit buggy and you need to reequip the first ring as soon as you put on the second one.
Gnomish Mechanical Component: The second part of the gnomish mechanism, useless in itself.
Ring of the Buddy Murderer: A ring with an interesting mechanic that allows you to save your character by dealing damage to your allies. Only works if you are on the brink of death. Try not to kill all your friends!
Commemorative Ring: A common commemorative ring with a little life enchantment on it.
Willow Ring: Allows you to keep opponents "in check" with your attacks and creates difficult terrain underneath those you attack.
Malachite Ring: A small but hiddenly powerful ring for mages of all varieties.
"Heart of the Boiling Ocean": A ring with the rarest ocean mineral that allows you to win tactics by standing in water, and slightly improves your survivability against freezing encounters.
Ring of Uncontrollable Wrath: A ring of aggression that you have learned to control to deal retaliatory Force damage to your opponents. An affordable, balanced trinket for all levels.
Amber Ring: More of a non-combat ring than a combat one, allowing small characters to perform various actions previously unavailable to them. Like lifting heavy objects... or just looking cool.
Court Scribe's Ring: A mere ring stolen from an ancient scribe of the royal court. Filled with the magic of knowledge and will surely help in non-combat situations.
Court Magician's Ring: A good starter ring by any wizard. A simple but very valuable buff.
Primordial Runic Ring: A prehistoric ring of tribal shamans. Allows for more synergy with your existing vanilla buff, and slightly increases your survivability. Report any problems with this item.
Red Ring of Underdark: A minor ring from Underdark, allowing you to compensate for your starting ability choice. However, it does so in favor of strength at the expense of intelligence.
Blue Ring of Underdark: A minor ring from Underdark, allowing you to compensate for your starting ability choice. However, it does so in favor of intelligence at the expense of strength.
Antique Sports Ring: A ring enchanted by a cheater who dreamed of winning an ancient competitive game. Slightly increases your mobility in terms of jumping.
Midwife's Ring: Ancient elves used such enchanted rings to ease the pain of women in labor, and gave them to midwives. A great HoT, scalable with your level and suitable for any healer. Also reveals well in solo play.
Court Swordmaster's Ring: On melee attacks, puts a strong elusive buff on you that can be lost very easily. Ignore the 0 damage on the screenshot, as it was taken on a level 1 character.
Tempest Caller's Ring: A very fun ring that allows you to significantly transform your character's gameplay with blunt weapons. For balance purposes, the trigger has been limited to once per turn.
Twilight Knight's Pin: An ancient dark magic is attached to this pin, and forcibly transfers the wearer's health into their weapon's damage. Keep in mind that many objects are immune to psychic damage.
Aquamancer's Amulet: A very fun artifact that allows you to cancel certain types of terrain when taking damage. Practically negates the effects of fire, acid, etc. However, remember that getting wet brings vicious debuffs.
Gnomish Temporal Mechanism: One of the strongest artifacts of ancient times, unfortunately it was already deeply broken when you found it. All that remains are bits of temporal magic, sometimes giving you visions of the past, and allowing you to move faster.
Otherworldly Amulet of Death: This is a piece of jewelry whose power I've been wanting to add for a long time. A very serious finishing ability that allows you to deal with strong humanoids. Beware of the weak Constitution, though!
Astral Plane Locket: Part of the Astral Plane Portal has survived after all, allowing you to benefit from this item. I'm sure this effect will be essential against a lot of small damage, but due to the link to the Plane, the character will hit much worse.
Shamanic Storm Pendant: A common weak pendant for mages in the early game, which is pretty poorly represented in vanilla. It allows you to deal some damage even on a miss, and possibly disrupt the enemy's concentration.
Lathander Priest's Pendant: With this item, I'd like to give more meaning to independent heal builds. The effect of the necklace can help you deal steady damage in the early game, even while interrupting to heal allies.
Pendant from the Forgotten Grove: A good roleplay amulet for early game, helping to deal with the vicious effects of difficult terrain, and generally great for roleplaying as a druid or any other nature lover.
Amber Stone of Many Souls: What secrets does the underworld hold? It is scary and dangerous, but as long as you have the warming amber stone with you, radiating the warm scarlet light of the souls stored in it, you are safe. Remember that the effect scales with your level.
Pendant of Red Lights: A classic aid for the barbarian, slightly increasing his chances of survival in heavy combat. Scales with level and will always be useful.
Pendant of Good Night: A mysterious pendant from an unknown creator who enchanted it to give peace to all who would wear this piece of jewelry. But apparently, the pendant was badly scorched by fire magic and it acquired slightly different properties. Good for maintaining concentration, especially if you are able to generate a lot of ash on the surface.
Pendant of Magical Lazurite: Unstable magical lazurite is the last thing you'd want to wear around your neck. But still, it gives you a Spell Save DC - which is always a tasty bonus, even though you'll gain it by taking spell damage.
Beautiful Diamond Pendant: An ordinary beautiful trinket, suitable only for wearing and flaunting it in front of mating partners. However, it slightly enhances your personality traits.
Beastmaster's Ring: After working on the Ancient Weaponry collection, I started focusing more on class features and wanted to give more options to Rangers at the start of the run. This ring is moderately good and allows you to have more chances for pets to have a quality first strike.
Monumental Ring: This ring will definitely make playing as a monk more appealing, as it's pretty versatile and doesn't require the player to do more than just strike and occasionally replenish their resources.
Ring of the Quiet Pathfinder: An item designed specifically for early game encounters where it's important not to miss the first shot. Sometimes attack rolls are very frustrating, and this ring will help keep your tactics consistent as a ranged shooter.
Amulet of the Apprentice: One of my recent attempts to strengthen the beginning sorcerer, while also allowing sorc multiclasses to perform better in combat encounters.
Amulet of the Four-Eyed Spider: An extremely powerful amulet if you know how to use it. An indispensable tool for dark characters in the early game.
Birocchi's Amulet: A pretty versatile acquisition for any attacking caster utilizing spell slots. Resource generation is always important in the early game in protracted battles.

Updating Issues
It has been found (as with other mods) that if you delete or update a mod while wearing items from mods - it can break your save. At least, I personally have not encountered this problem, since I update the mod for myself all the time.

Medallion of the Great Victory - e508aa16-fd1b-4298-bf4c-062854dbf165
Enchanted Ruby Pendant - 794ae008-2c1c-4755-9ac5-e70afb738fa0
Amulet of the Bull Cult - 657739d3-406f-4403-b4d3-7bbabdf58d05
Pendant of the Forest Ranger - 2f29e658-305c-48d3-8208-f8ab3d4c1d38
Archmage's Pendant - 30aeed7c-3efc-4e80-9326-86d6df2cae8f
Primordial Amulet - a463eb95-20e4-4083-9eba-de4b5201632d
Pendant of the Great Council - 6004bd0b-b73b-401c-a4bc-4fcb3315773c
Amulet of the Ancient Necromancer - c54c80e1-2435-4285-9e72-c343d67810b4
Amulet of Dragon Taming - e70fe724-1a99-4373-a3f9-e955bb8e8677
Cosmic Interference Pendant - bbd972f4-6f53-4778-b7e9-af53e06dce8d
Beads of the Ancient Warrior - 30b24623-b06b-4a19-9712-0f983b6d8146
Copper Crow Amulet - 649e338e-d806-4b41-9258-ade2644449c3
Capricious Princeling's Medallion - 24b9549d-119a-404f-a5e4-44549b91f7da
Pendant of Frightening Destruction - 49456989-f123-4db8-8bb3-4ea38df29556
Worn Witch's Amulet - 54e6693c-77a7-4f44-895c-46a5915b9db9
Charged Lightning Pendant - f38a55c6-db85-4f54-8379-e81bc2ce358f
Alchemist's Acid Stone - a5b97c7b-5d0a-44bf-a1d7-fda149717d6c
Amethyst Wizard's Pendant - 8e96d198-0889-4727-afa9-7585215f4b19
Elven Queen's Earrings - 94e15ba9-3602-4d5a-b998-230c090c96c1
Malar's Wolf Amulet - 4a6f96ed-3d96-4fc9-9946-f5285184e018
Dwarf King's Golden Pendant - 480e75d4-7d40-4e6c-9acd-8c31b7ada610
Twilight Knight's Pin - 76f404de-0b94-4844-8d9f-ea90a45a5f5c
Frost Spider Amulet - 5b468c7a-0d44-43ee-8f6e-e14bfecb58aa
Ice Queen Pendant - 210720c3-59df-403d-a215-6239f3592a1d
Blinding Light Pendant - ce02f315-9f60-4ad7-9652-cdd8f5dba5f6
Thay's Battle Amulet - 6bbdbf89-d1aa-4bf6-ade3-c4552d2d994f
Aquamancer's Amulet - c4375c99-3759-4e5e-b0f3-12a179fefa74
Gnomish Temporal Mechanism - dae6c34f-fd4c-412c-b51c-b340052fd2eb
Otherworldly Amulet of Death - 46548e46-4957-4b68-b967-49f99dbecc6b
Astral Plane Locket - 52603580-15f4-490d-8eba-bc5be368b3ec
Shamanic Storm Pendant - 96584665-8db2-402e-8362-f1a90105cac3
Lathander Priest's Pendant - ecfc923a-ff65-49bf-9f3b-da9e6fc717c7
Pendant from the Forgotten Grove - 1febaed1-d4a8-4760-88e0-a0a8dec1b9b4
Amber Stone of Many Souls - 6e55b827-536b-4b46-b4ea-9570bac6dac7
Supreme Paladin's Pendant - 11fe8246-2752-4738-a1ef-0a2b29cbd6b0
Pendant of Red Lights - fb833ac5-51ce-4034-a9b6-0da2ad06b0e7
Pendant of Good Night - a61767fd-4013-48d7-9290-d61b126fef34
Monk's Soul Pendant - eb61b5ad-7f1e-4ac0-8107-f85af62d6e96
Pendant of Magical Lazurite - bcdbfb6c-67ee-42ac-a713-f2d1f23c5f54
Thought-stealing Amulet - 32297009-0ea1-45ca-ad80-f28e4db7d491
Beautiful Diamond Pendant - 8b357c24-72fb-46da-8935-4ed971709ff2
Gnomish Mechanical Ring - bdfe28c7-2bd4-47b0-98e3-348c3bf4dc10
Gnomish Mechanical Component - 00160249-f5cd-4be1-92ee-d7189f4cf6b5
Ring of the Buddy Murderer - 51c20097-72d4-48ec-a480-dfab63346b93
Commemorative Ring - b6c2a3f7-251d-4c8e-a2af-33b7c7b485f3
Willow Ring - f0f757d5-cd44-4fa2-af78-9dabcbfd11bf
Malachite Ring - 29172762-ac98-4f60-871a-347f292dffa9
"Heart of the Boiling Ocean" - 53e2558d-1ce2-4758-8eea-00446529d033
Ring of Uncontrollable Wrath - d42604b6-9cf3-4fdf-b838-9ba63f25cc19
Amber Ring - 5763cadf-e31a-4186-a394-d3f51ae198d0
Court Scribe's Ring - fe32bf0c-e0af-4210-96bc-f36c7ffd634d
Court Magician's Ring - 7be9a6dc-dd14-4522-8f6d-a63d3a2626dd
Primordial Runic Ring - 90ed52e4-0737-4a14-ad87-d60f58c4c8bf
Red Ring of Underdark - 20d6d734-24c6-4a10-a387-3c620d2f3d3f
Blue Ring of Underdark - 08a3b912-77d0-4743-9e64-a91ad4d9a69e
Antique Sports Ring - 6f74ffa6-ca17-409c-a2e8-f457d06f9439
Midwife's Ring - 73252e59-bfd6-452f-bf49-05f50f308268
Court Swordmaster's Ring - 7cd02577-997d-4dab-be77-9b705551d7d6
Tempest Caller's Ring - 5282dc1e-adef-4bf4-926a-a5b3740607e4
Lloth Cultist's Ring - f9e7ec82-1e94-41db-9c61-f8c91a95f1f4
Gnoll Chief's Ring - a670e8b5-d79e-4ffd-a9bd-c31bc45b7955
Viper's Onyx Ring - ebb6b2c8-541a-4238-957b-c5920ab2ba88
Dried Mucous Ring - 957ef0ba-bcf4-4c23-8e21-8eed484ec920
Quartz Ring - c76f06e3-25ef-4f57-be9a-af7214b8a661
Horus-Re Priest's Ring - b94502c8-6c89-48b3-b209-972eb85e25ff
Royal Messenger's Ring - 525217e3-9e1c-4495-9765-beccacffc9ef
Ring of Imponderable Smoke - 295e082d-dafb-465c-b06d-0a9c571f82be
Duergar Torture Ring - f85a1f6a-a787-4599-8f2e-d1fd3d52c0be
Ghouls Worshipper's Ring - 4a6695b2-5db0-4546-9510-89ceb6831d57
Astral Dream Ring - 8562fccd-39ca-4e80-9b3f-523772e65961
Ring of Master Wang - e6fc0e0a-f8bc-45b2-b40e-c195177810fe
Tribal Talisman - 9bc124d3-bcd6-4a8e-adec-769360ae91b0
Ring of Raging Fire - 84002754-95ae-4283-be7c-36e8834ffc72
Pine Needles Ring - 9b6ae55e-7f9b-4b4c-a659-3592c6037911
Human Captain's Ring - 252d985c-446e-4aad-af4d-abb47aa2ff64
Ring of Long Life - d6cd161e-0ce6-4e60-ad72-847e75f7aa57
Ring of Petrifying Strength - bd0f4f6b-23e3-4e8d-947e-90659eb47909
Baldurian Ring of Nobility - 0c094eb7-74c4-4277-bd52-35a47996db8f
Sharantyr's Ring - dda42077-2bc6-4f65-9a6c-f5b9332bf5e0
Ring of Unseen Deserts - fae0cafa-1c9d-47e8-aa8d-5c0ced4cc473
Ring of Omnipotence - 195d247e-0644-4b7d-b3a1-894e7f8dbfed
Baldurian Wizard's Ring - 4723b96d-7d51-4ef5-9476-40ef8b03fa9c
Garnet Ring - 98a71f5c-c52a-4501-a6fc-0a865eaad44d
Infernal Ring - b2b75c33-f449-4290-8a91-ae64d1dbd319
Selûne's Silver Ring - 02f3d163-c3a9-4c12-8c9f-c970d2633628
Restored Ring - 2f63fead-485f-424b-8b79-748d505394b8
Chauntea Worshipper's Ring - 8408d166-a954-4273-8c51-6e25b9be9d7e
Knight's Ring - 46ef0703-f743-4bd5-8ccf-45321f5c5b4c
Ancient Emperor's Ring - bc074297-3673-4062-8a75-a5f9a92081a4
Evil Ring - e108dd3b-6ef6-4092-809a-a1af0d9aec88
Ring of Secret Destiny - 3665ebe9-1db3-4167-b767-90a592a5d6bb
Pearl Ring of Rainbow Colors - d67da0d6-5c73-439e-b43d-ac838fc95b0e
Temple Ring - 7e32a8cd-40d4-4529-a5e4-3c240e28c71b
Great Charmer's Ring - 4f5d5d57-db46-453b-a5d2-4847b7870d27
Ring of a Thousand Topazes - 065d24df-75c0-4da2-a5ba-3245f65586a6
Mythical General's Ring - f23d8877-7df8-479a-9db0-2d988c9b23c8
Snow Giant's Ring - 4f374a5c-822d-43d6-b2cf-72f293980df8
Waukeen's Marked Ring - 361134cb-4526-4d5a-8b47-df4f7c517081
Ring of Ancient Magic - b097f0b1-7110-49ae-8491-701241ac600a
Ring of Peaceful Dawn - 98e8c9c3-2267-4d0a-bd6c-c00d3c60bf9f
Beastmaster's Ring - 7ab6fa3f-b899-43ae-8136-8950111e31d0
Monumental Ring - aa708992-7220-4803-95de-3c6e1e557bde
Ring of the Quiet Pathfinder - 7b03445e-6238-4054-a96a-0608bb937314
Ring of the Brown Hunt - 76635890-c335-4d0c-b375-b90e52fc965b
Ring of Emerald Dreams - 910acc0d-ad3a-4502-9b31-e73779881ae0
Ring of Fateful Strikes - 691514f1-cd13-4737-8217-c7441a64be75
Ring of the Brave Adventurer - c1eeb40c-8361-4d3b-856e-c98521606b8c
Amulet of the Apprentice - bb91a332-3770-41fa-bc1a-acfe6cf0a732
Amulet of the Four-Eyed Spider - 4249b7df-df62-42a8-8c80-150e0817a1cc
Birocchi's Amulet - be8f8576-ec8b-4ee7-9b6d-57812f6f7575