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About this mod

I love seeing picture of people using my firearms. Feel free to share them here.
No longer requires Script Extender.
I have removed all firearms from the tutorial chest on the ship.

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Mandarin
  • Korean

I hope everyone enjoys the mod, and I will continue to update it.

---------------Instructions and Load Orders---------------

Import mod into mod manager of your choice.


For compatibility for Artificer:

If you want to use the reloading mechanic:
Load Artificer before Firearms.

If you don't want the reloading mechanic:
Load Firearms before Artificer.

For Tombstone Undead Addon:

When using my mod and addon for Tombstone Undead, Firearms, then Addon, both come before Tombstone Undead.

For Minigun Addon:

Make sure the main Firearms file is loaded before the Minigun Addon.

---------------------------------------------Credits and Thanks---------------------------------------------

Sara for helping test my treasure table, helping with sound files, and inspiration and ideas for the legendaries in Sara's Chest of Boomsticks.

Kaz, Trips, and aruless for helping me figure out how to deal with models and textures.

Loz, Goth.Holliday, and boomkaboom for help with figuring out the reloading mechanic.

The entire discord BG3 modding community for helping answer all of my questions.

-----------------------------------Additional Details-----------------------------------

All firearms are additions.

A set of legendary items, sold in a chest, Sara's Chest of Boomsticks, inspired by Sara, were added in v1.2.0.0.

Added an optional file for compatibility with StarEMC2's Tombstone Undead

Moved minigun into an optional fire for the main mod. No more waiting for me to update models, abilities, etc. 

If you have any issues, please report a bug here, and, if you don't mind, message me on discord, I'm AnxietyTheOrk, and in the BG3 Modding Community discord. 


Flintlock                                - 78a81afc-e6ae-4824-bc5c-2dae97b7ccc2

Flintlock +1                           - 5f3736e7-f654-466e-9261-30442f961795

Flintlock +2                           - e2012077-6c78-4d96-8a64-75a847a832c5

Flintlock +3                           - 39debdca-45f1-4152-948b-213ae7874fcd

Nyx                                        - 6c6c62f6-544e-4c56-b15c-2d99c2dbfae4

Agni                                       - caf3672c-823f-4e22-aac4-aca0335621bd

Musket                                  - 1004e45b-a662-4517-aea1-99307f4affc9

Musket +1                             - 7ecf0a5d-6e12-4260-bd9d-6d8150d29894

Musket +2                             - cdb82d01-4133-48fb-88a8-7380405dd7db

Musket +3                             - 42d6e333-8f54-4a0d-8eed-8c1a5e9b784d

Sekhmet                                - 40127c35-440d-400f-bd24-8fb8605bf7cf

Palm Pistol                            - 82943ce6-b840-407c-a8d7-895aec931709

Palm Pistol +1                       - 72d438ee-c0ad-4051-9dd5-65de41471836

Palm Pistol +2                       - e7d4a142-82a6-4310-ab7b-3192b8b198ff

Palm Pistol +3                       - 90bcb28c-c73b-4469-a1f6-70425d4e4756

Pepperbox                              - b34a537e-814f-4081-b85f-782bd2463337

Pepperbox +1                         - 6d6348e6-5c11-4c53-8425-b5603c6aef9e

Pepperbox +2                         - 08a532fb-2e8b-4c3e-9b95-585a49bbf0dc

Pepperbox +3                         - 14208589-8cae-4cec-b241-58464768c8b1

Blunderbuss                           - ef1ab179-f7ce-4bd0-9ed5-1f9575adefad

Blunderbuss +1                      - 2f9ee0dc-4f9f-4efa-9acb-0b169424c19f

Blunderbuss +2                      - b94e6841-2018-4a84-a99f-cac74dce877d

Blunderbuss +3                      - 3ca881d7-eeb3-45df-9053-db3c7aba1e83

Sara's Chest of Boomsticks - 053ea0fc-f7ee-4135-88f4-2aaf865deb76

Marksman's Ring                   - 340de2d8-fd33-454c-a5fb-43bdee52d57f

Marksman's Ring +1             - 17b0e1ac-e889-4eda-81bb-c15cb0228b60

Marksman's Ring +2             - c2c8bf1c-12bd-452c-afbe-43aff7eadc11

Marksman's Ring +3             - 193b4fad-f736-44e8-bd00-83fc32bd8bed

------------------------------Only Available in Minigun Addon------------------------------

Minigun                                   - 60de2398-8e88-4101-a2b4-b93c77326bf8

-----------------For old models in Addon for Tombstone Undead-----------------

Flintlock                                  - 64d1a1ef-5a87-4935-be68-0844906f2f66

Musket                                    - 8a323864-7b49-42c9-9858-8625122715cc

Blunderbuss                           - 9e0a264f-d667-4f06-8ab5-20f56f6c317b  (Same model as main, added for futureproofing)

Manual install instructions:

Main File:

<node id="Module">
               <attribute id="UUID" value="6cde95a8-2682-4645-9b38-2964962fe8e0" type="FixedString" />

<node id="ModuleShortDesc">
              <attribute id="Folder" value="Firearms" type="LSString" />
              <attribute id="MD5" value="" type="LSString" />
              <attribute id="Name" value="Firearms" type="LSString" />
              <attribute id="UUID" value="6cde95a8-2682-4645-9b38-2964962fe8e0" type="FixedString" />
              <attribute id="Version64" value="72057596185411585" type="int64" />

Minigun Addon:

<node id="Module">
              <attribute id="UUID" value="27ac3e7a-55a2-4a9d-a0a5-629c29226ada" type="FixedString" />

<node id="ModuleShortDesc">
              <attribute id="Folder" value="FirearmsMinigunAddon" type="LSString" />
              <attribute id="MD5" value="" type="LSString" />
              <attribute id="Name" value="FirearmsMinigunAddon" type="LSString" />
              <attribute id="UUID" value="27ac3e7a-55a2-4a9d-a0a5-629c29226ada" type="FixedString" />
              <attribute id="Version64" value="36028797018963974" type="int64" />

Tombstone Undead Addon:

<node id="Module">
              <attribute id="UUID" value="c6d181f5-23c4-4c63-afac-f1f72587257d" type="FixedString" />

<node id="ModuleShortDesc">
              <attribute id="Folder" value="FirearmsAddon" type="LSString" />
              <attribute id="MD5" value="" type="LSString" />
              <attribute id="Name" value="FirearmsAddon" type="LSString" />
              <attribute id="UUID" value="c6d181f5-23c4-4c63-afac-f1f72587257d" type="FixedString" />
              <attribute id="Version64" value="36028797018963969" type="int64" />