Baldur's Gate 3
Wear Your Heritage Proud

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  1. FastBlackCat
    • premium
    • 43,012 posts
    • 276 kudos
    She's really a beautiful char, plus displays a lot of strength and, maybe, as well, a bit of arrogance.  Great shots, Lidi!
  2. wolfgrimdark
    • premium
    • 59,006 posts
    • 768 kudos
    She looks stunning Lidi! See you are enjoying things still. Course one more day and you will have a new game to try out :)

    I am waiting for the next big update before I return to BG3 as I got over 100 hours in it already.
  3. lesjones
    • premium
    • 14,314 posts
    • 136 kudos
    That's good advice in these times.

    She's terrific!
  4. ThatMrSmile
    • premium
    • 11,087 posts
    • 218 kudos
    Dear lord, she's a beauty. Gorgeous screenshots!