Baldur's Gate 3
Modded Gith Head Mesh

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used head 6 mesh as a base for modification to the mesh, then replaced skin texture for the custom head to head 2 skin material. i think the slightly more rounded head makes her look far less ugly yet still githyanki


  1. Kreyd
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    I like the idea, but i don't know about what you came with lol

    This make her a bit awkward Imo what need to be tweaked on githyanki is their nose, like how they was in the very first preview of the game...
    1. AlanaSP
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      gith are meant to basically have no nose so even what we got now when compared to some artwork their nose is too big, the old head model was clearly a human head which had been tweeked and doesnt resemble much of a gith from the art. to be honest we may see a type of head similar down the road since the guy who worked on a lot of the head models posted on the artstation say he looks forward to more of his work that he done for the heads to appear in the game.
  2. Church0071
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    Wow! This is amazing! ^.^ But how on earth did you manage to edit the head mesh without it going all invisible and weird? O.o
  3. MariaEveliina
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    Adorable. ^^
  4. lostsoulman
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    Looks great! Well done
  5. lizardaggerx
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    I still don't understand how it's possible to edit a head mesh... 
    Anyways, good job!