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So, my character has a blind eye (which is another WIP mod I need to work on releasing...), and I wanted to give her an eyepatch, but the only one in the game files is more of a bandage than an actual eyepatch. So I took matters into my own hands... and modeled my own eyepatch from scratch in Blender. I'd never made a model from scratch before, and I need to work on the textures some more, but I think it turned out well! It only fits on the tiefling heads because it wraps around one of the horns, but I might release it in the future if there's enough interest. I could make it work for male characters too.

Also pictured, is metal caps to the ends of my characters horns, which I also modeled from scratch. I just kept thinking about the metal capped horns for the Qunari in Dragon Age: Inquisition and how I wanted that for my character, so I made it happen! I plan to add more detail to the textures on these as well.

On that note, time to go back to working on my existing mods and requests... I have a new version of Eldritch Garb I need to finalize, package, and upload here.


  1. Padme4000
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    It looks absolutely amazing. As does your character
  2. SuddenlyTentacles
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    She looks fantastic! I loved the qunari horns in DAI, I'd love to see some more decorations for tiefling horns too. I'm hoping to find a way to add dangly bits like charms or chains that will move a bit, like hair can.
  3. Church0071
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    That eye patch is amazing! As is your whole character really!You mentioned there was a head/eye bandage in the game files - just wondering if there is any way to get this in game? It would be super cool for RP!
  4. DoomSequence
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    the eyepatch is lovely!
  5. dunmr
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    you've really become one of the solid pillars of this modding community youre incredible. good work!!
  6. brittastic96
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    This is INCREDIBLE OMGOMGOMG! The HORNS the EYEPATCH it is PERFECTION OMG! I can’t believe you made all these yourself!!