Baldur's Gate 3

After downloading and installing mods with Vortex, you need to click on the Load Order tab and select an in game profile.  Otherwise, it will seem like none of your mods are in the game.  Dragging and dropping to change the order works fine. Do not click deploy mods otherwise the order will change.

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  1. V01DIsAToaster
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    Does vortex work with bg3 yet or do we still need to use a different manager
  2. Caparzzo
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    I wish we could have the option to avoid the staging folder, I know other people have issues with files added to their game's original folder, but the fact that I have to have Vortex running to be able to have my mods running every time I want to play is extremely annoying, or at least let me export the mod load order so I can use another manager that does not intrude this much with my gaming.
    1. ronster26
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      im so fucking mad this fucking garbage s#*! broke a fucking 136gb install
  3. Sylaous
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    Is there anyway to create a load order text list?
  4. CatcherLuLu1
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    How do I get controller to work on here? Thought it might’ve been a mod disabling it but I’ve deleted the mods and still no controller support when launching through Vortex
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    > Load Order  >  Changing your load order;
    Now states that;
    "Patch 9 removed the feature of switching profiles inside the game, savegames are now tied to the character.  It is currently unknown if these profiles will return but of course you can continue to use Vortex profiles."

    I'm getting a red error notification from Vortex saying that;
    *"Failed to write a load order*
    please run the game at least once and create a profile in-game."

    (I have ran the game for an hour or so, still no sign of a "profile" on Vortex.
    I only have 1 mod + the full release mod fixer in my load order.  Haven't been able to get it to work in-game though.)

    Larian is also giving me a warning message in the LariLauncher saying;
    "We've detected a data mismatch..."
    1. TheLongYYY
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      well, I've met the same question as yours. But no worries, I launched the game and it worked, all mods loaded.
      okay, I can't just launch the game now...
  6. naleatia
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    Does not work. No mods show up in the load order and I keep getting "failed to read pak" error messages.... 
    1. Sartanis
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      Same issue here
  7. OmegaSparx
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    I downloaded the mods but they are not showing up in the load order after I click on my profile
    1. LoudHyena
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      I am having the same issue. Click profile and shows me no mods in load order even though it shows 8 mods active when you look at the game itself.
    2. Flession
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      Allow Vortex to setup Profile Management. It's in the Dashboard menu. Just click it from no to yes.
    3. andyirving
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      I am having the same issue and allowing Vortex to setup the Profile Management does not resolve the issue of ensuring that Enabled mods are placed in the Load Order list in the first place ... drag and drop functionality from the Mods list into the Load Order would probably resolve the issue. Also the dragging and dropping referred to in the above example only pertains to those mods that have successfully loaded into the Load Order list which can be misleading.
    4. foofoo3344
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      Try "Deploy Mod"
  8. LordSurvivaljr00
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    So, for some reason when ever I close vortex or bg3, I lose the profiles. Like I have to have both open at the same time to get it to work, which is really annoying cause vortex eats up my cpu like crazy.