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This custom soundset contains almost all the possible voice lines for Geralt, Yennefer, Dandelion and Ciri.

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Create your custom Witcher party with this soundset!

Each file download is a custom soundset for Geralt, Yennefer, Dandelion and Ciri.  I also included a custom portrait for each character in their respective downloads if you wish.

This soundset works for BG1 and 2, although the selection sounds don't seem to work in BG1.  All sounds work in BG2.  I'm missing a few sounds for a couple characters (eg. Ciri doesn't have a "trap set" sound, and Yennefer doesn't have a "in a dungeon" sound), since I couldn't find an appropriate line after reading the entire Witcher 3 script for these characters.

Major thanks to Mechtank for his Witcher 3 mod which contains a high quality rip of every single voice line in the game, searchable via a database:

To install these soundsets, extract the Wav files into the following folder: ...\Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Edition\lang\en_US\sounds  (or use the BG1 folder for use in BG1, of course.)

To use the custom portraits, extract the .bmp files into ...C:\Users\[USER]\Documents\Baldur's Gate II - Enhanced Edition\portraits .  You may need to create the portraits folder.  Also works for BG1.

The watermark on the portraits ended up being cut when fitting them into the size requirements for BG, so here is credit to the talented artists:
 - Ciri by Astor Alexander:
 - Geralt: Taken from this link, unsure of original source
 - Yennefer by John Dimayuga:
 - Dandelion: Taken from the Steam Trading Card for the Witcher 3: