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dozens of portraits I found on google, some for every race

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I have never been 100% satisfied with some of the portrait packs I've found on various sites so I decided, with the help of my sister, to create a portrait pack of my own.  I divided them up based on race and gender and found a little for all races, even some bearded dwarf women!
My sister did most of the resizing and file conversions to 24 bitmap.
You do not need multiple copies of these portrait for BGEE or BG2EE (I haven't tested IWDEE but I'd imagine they're the same)
I also included the same portraits specially sized for use in Icewind Dale 2!

To install custom portraits:
BG, BG2 and IWD Enhanced Edition
Documents > BG/BG2/IWD Enhanced Edition > Portraits (just copy/paste and in game keep clicking past the vanilla portraits and the custom portraits are at the end)
Game directory > portraits, for me that is C:\Games\Icewind Dale II (same deal, copy/paste but in game you click on the "custom portraits" button and then you select the large and small portraits you want to use)

I wish I could give credit to all the wonderful artists that made these beautiful works but as I said, I just went crazy on Google images during a slow day at work a long time ago.  That being said, if you find, or are, the artist for any of these works let me know and I'll either add your name as a credit or, if you desire, remove the portraits and upload a new file and remove old versions

I would upload pictures of all the portraits but Nexus won't take them as bmp and I am not converting them all to an acceptable format, that'd just be way too much work X_X