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The Twelve Mods of Christmas

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A joyous festive season to you all my gamers. As you may have noticed, in the spirit of the season, we have been busy posting themed mods on Facebook and X(Twitter) as well as the Forum once per day to mark the 12 days counting down to Saturalia.

To get more eyes on these fun pieces of content, we’re releasing this news post roundup of all the mods we’ve posted so far with more to come. The news post will be updated daily until all 12 featured mods are added.

For more honourable mentions you just have to see and for any we missed, see this Forum thread.

Without further ado, here are our 12 Mods of Christmas:

On the first day of Christmas, Elianora gave to me
"A Tiny Christmas Mod" with a little tree.

On the second day of Christmas, SageTheSniper gave to me
Two rolling death balls from Star Wars Battlefront II

This festive "BB8 and BB9E Christmas Ornaments" mods would go perfectly with a tree if the tree was an unbalanced multiplayer game.

On the third day of Christmas, albydata gave to me
A rip-and-tear theme in Red and Green

On the fourth day of Christmas BatuTH gave to me 
Some colour for The Walking Dead Telltale Series Season 4.

On the fifth day of Christmas, InquisitorOverhaulsReturn gave to me.

On the sixth day of Christmas, VetaPhoenix79 gave to me
Some Christmas sweaters for Fallout 4 from the Advent Calendar of Merry Modding Days.

On the seventh day of Christmas, flopityflips gave to me.
Seven costumes (at least) for the cast of Devil May Christmas 5.

On the eighth day of Christmas Apzurv gave to me
Even MORE Christmas sweaters now for Cyberpunk 2077

On the ninth day of Christmas callunaspitfire gave to me,
Some interesting Christmas spawns for 7 Days to Die

On the tenth day of Christmas, stormsurge9 gave to me
A Christmas quest mod for Stardew Valley

On the eleventh day of Christmas wSkeever gave to me
The Spirit of Saturalia Christmas Quest for Skyrim Special Edition

On the twelfth day of Christmas JaySerpa gave to me
The Gift of Saturalia quest for Skyrim SE

Merry Saturalia and a Happy New Year to you all.


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  1. flopityflips
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    • 182 kudos
    no way....
  2. Caliberx7
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    • 1 kudos
    Merry Christmas early!
  3. MrZigamusRainbowWizard
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    Season's Greetings One And All! 
  4. rdfrieder
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    • 0 kudos
    Yooooo :)
  5. CamKatarnTK4589
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    Looks like some nice mods to cheer up your games. 👍 🎄
  6. 1962sweet
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    • 14 kudos
    Merry Christmas to everyone, everyone, everyone! Happiness, health, well-being, goodness and peace!
  7. MrZigamusRainbowWizard
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    Season's Greetings To All! 
  8. jayserpa
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    • 7,771 kudos
    Happy holidays, Nexusmods team! 🎄🎅
  9. AgroFro
    • premium
    • 472 kudos
    AJ dont wanna wear that
    1. BatuTH
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      • 14 kudos
      It's ok if you don't like it, thanks for the comment anyways.
    2. DummyAccount03
      • member
      • 6 kudos
      nah, OP meant this guy

      He's called AJ, and honestly I get it, not a lot of things would get me merry when I got blood in my face during a zombie apocalypse
    3. BatuTH
      • supporter
      • 14 kudos
      I know he meant that AJ since I'm the creator of the mod literally x) All of the clothes were christmas themed, it would've been weird leaving the flashback clothes not touched since the mod's purpose is to literally give the christmas vibes, that's why even that scene's characters got modded as well.
  10. AliHNGL
    • member
    • 7 kudos
    Is there only "Christmas" or "Halloween"  in nexus? or are we living in another world?
    Read the current développements of the world and where things goes...
    1. Neppii
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      • 0 kudos
      what? Elaborate
    2. w1ndStrik3
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      • 3 kudos
      I agree. We are missing easter. Christmas and easter are the only two "big" holidays worth celebrating.
    3. bwblade05
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      Yes ,we need reverence for the spaghetti monster....