Back 4 Blood
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This preset aims to make the lighting a bit more realistic and the color palette a bit broader. The game actually looks great by default, but this preset widens the contrast and makes a few other changes to improve lighting effects. I've also included steps to take to make the game FoV better for ultrawide users.

Permissions and credits
I tuned this on my Acer Predator X34P ultrawide IPS display at 3440x1440 with in game brightness set to 60, contrast 10, and saturation 60 and FoV at 83.
I also set 0.6 sharpen and 0.17 Ignore film grain and 70% Digital Vibrance enabled in the NVIDIA control panel. 

Your results will likely vary if you are on a different panel type, lower resolution, etc....

Ultrawide FoV Fix

If playing on an ultrawide resolution, I recommend following the steps here to adjust your FoV as well:
Included in the mod are 2 optional filters you can use to further adjust your FoV if you so desire. They are set to my presets at 83 in game FoV. I use the pantomorphic filter, but Perfect Perspective is also adjusted for 3440x1440.

Performance Impact

The game is extremely well optimized, and none of these shaders are very impact heavy, so I do not expect you will see a noticable change in your performance.


1. Install the latest version of ReShade: . You will want to install this to the application in the following directory "\\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Back 4 Blood\Gobi\Binaries\Win64"
2. Unzip the .zip file to the same Win64 folder. Ex. "C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Back 4 Blood\Gobi\Binaries\Win64". You may be asked to overwrite files if you already installed shader packages when you installed ReShade. 
3. Boot up the game and press Home. Select Realistic Lighting.ini from the drop down at the top.
4. Slay those Ridden!