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Adds a playable child "race" to the game. The race is visually smaller than the other races.

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How to Install: Put the file in the mods/playables folder in the Aurora Dusk folder.

- Higher mana and stamina pool than most races
- Has more agility and dexterity than most races
- Highest charisma score than all the other races
- Fastest speed of all the other races (130 base speed), faster than even the Feline
- Adorable! Smaller in appearance than all the other races (even Dwarf). Size comparison can be seen here:

- Very physically weak, very low starting health pool
- Weaker magic due to low starting willpower and intelligence
- Starts off with a -10 in all magic schools
- Starts off with a hefty penalty on both attack and defense (70 default where most races have 100 default)

Race stats:

  • "scale":0.7,
  • "health":70,
  • "stamina":120,
  • "mana":120,
  • "attack":70, "attackEffect":"default",
  • "damage":["closeCombat", "crushing"],
  • "defense":70,
  • "strength":70,
  • "endurance":70,
  • "address":120,
  • "rapidity":120,
  • "intelligence":70,
  • "willpower":70,
  • "charisma":130,
  • "chaoticMagic":-10,
  • "conjuration":-10,
  • "druidicMagic":-10,
  • "necromanticMagic":-10,
  • "pyrotechnicMagic":-10,
  • "redemptiveMagic":-10,
  • "repressiveMagic":-10,
  • "shamanicMagic":-10,
  • "shootingWeapons":-10,
  • "speed":7,
All other stats are at 100.

Because of the extra boost to speed they have even over the feline, and the fact unlike characteristic and skills, speed can't be changed by grinding, and also because children shouldn't start off super strong but need to still "grow", I started them off weaker than all the other races, but with proper training and leveling up, the race will become slightly stronger than normal due to the extra boost in speed. Because of this, the "cost" is being very weak in the beginning, though the extra speed and agility/dexterity helps avoid direct confrontation at the beginning.

You can also select Feline ears and Elf ears as the "race", to make a child "Elf" or child "Feline" if you wish. These don't effect stats of course, only the appearance. As a child "Feline", you will still use the default unarmed attack effect though (it's set to "default" instead of "claw")