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Makes some personal/balance adjustments to the game.

Changes how you gain ability perks are level up

Adjusts some starting distinctions

Makes fishing as easy as shooting fish in a barrel

Adjust some encounters and monster inventory


Permissions and credits
Game-Version:            1.16

Version 2.5

:::: 2.0: Changes

:::: 2.1: Adjusted ability cost and points gained from leveling
Ability Cost and Ability points per level are now fixed, instead of scaling and per difficulty.

Ability Cost = "neutron.abilityCost" defaults to "2", integer values only, setting to "0" disables and will use normal game logic

Ability Points Per Level = "neutron.abilityPerLevel" defaults to "1", integer values only, setting to "0" disables and will use normal game logic

:::: 2.2: Characteristic Growth at level up
If character's new level is divisible by the control setting, the character will gain one characteristic.  This can be disabled by setting to "0"

The player's control setting is "neutron.gainAttributes".  It defaults to "7", so, +1 Characteristic at level 7, 14, 21, etc.

The teammate's control setting is "neutron.teamAttributes" and is disabled by default.

:::: 2.3: Starting Distinctions
Set "neutron.distinction" to "0" to disable

Dropped Distinctions: Ascetic, Cannibal, Glutton, Technophobe, Slick Dealer, and Unlucky Optimist

Anabolics: +3 Strength; +20 Carry Weight; -1 Intellect; -8 Dodge; -5 Radiation and Toxic Resistance.

Blackbelt: +1 Endurance; +15 Martial Arts and Melee weapons; +5 to Dodge; +2 Melee Damage; -20 to Gun-Related Skills.

Circus Education: +1 Dexterity; +10 Sneak, Lock Picking, Pickpocket, and Throwing; +10 Dodge; -5 Carry Weight; -20 Technology.

Child Prodigy: +1 All Characteristics; -25% EXP gain.

Cursed Sniper: +3 Attention; +10% to aimed shot hit and critical chance; -2 Luck; -10% to ordinary shot hit chance.

Diplomat: +3 Personality; +20 Speechcraft; +15 Barter; -1 Dexterity; -10 to all Combat Skills.

(New) Fast Shot: All weapon attacks cost 1 less Action Point; Unable to use aim attacks; No Inherent Critical Chance.

(New) Hoarder: +2 Endurance; You often find extra items in containers; +16 Carry Capacity; You become hungry twice as fast; -25% to resist knockdown.   Extra Items are controlled by "neutron.packrat"

Hobby Engineer: +1 Intelligence; You start off with basic crafting recipes; +20 Tinkering and Technology; +20% to Crafted Weapon damage; -1 Attention.

(New) Immortal One: +10 Health and Regeneration; +5 Health per level; -2 Action Point; -5 Sequence.

(New) Jinx: +1 Agility; +1 Endurance; Your Critical Effects Increased; Everyone around you often have their effects increased as well!

Leader: (When accompanied - Everyone:) +20% XP earned; (When accompanied - You:) -1 Action Points; -5 Sequence; (Followers:) +1 Endurance; +1 Dexterity; +1 Attention.

Lone Wolf: (When alone) +2 Attention; +5 Damage Resistance; +1 Damage Threshold; +10 Carry Weight; (When accompanied) -2 Attention; -20 Survival; -7 Sequence.

Morphine Doctor: Effects stack up to 3 times; +1 Intellect; +10 First aid; +50% addiction chance.

(New) Motion Economy: Increases Action Points based off your Dexterity; It takes twice as long to get hungry; -1 Strength.

Lucky: +3 Luck; +2 Personality; +20 Gambling; -1 Endurance; -10 to all skill except Barter, Gambling, and Speechcraft.

Savage Hunter: +1 Attention; +15% to damage; you can skin animals without a knife; More violent deaths; -2 Personality; -10 Speechcraft and Barter.

Sex Appeal: +1 Luck; +2 Personality and +15 Barter with the opposite gender.\n-2 Personality and -15 Barter with your own gender.

Shooting Gallery Fun: +1 Strength; +15 to Gun-Related Skills; +4 single shot ranged damage; Faster Reload and Jam Clearer; -1 Endurance; -15 to Martial Arts; -15 to Melee Weapons; -15 Survival.

(New) Spray and Pray: +1 Strength; +1 Endurance; +14 Critical Chance (Burst Mode only); -5 Critical Chance; -4 Skill Learning Rate

:::: 2.4: Adjust abilities Tree
Set "neutron.specTree" to "0" to disable

Shield Bearer now requires Oaken Skin

Think Like the Enemy now requires Oaken Skin

Dropped Perks: Fisherman (Slippery as a Fish in Water) and Master of Unlocking (Master of Thievery)

Feeling Good: Modified fixed health bonus to be +1 Health per level instead.

Good Immune System: Increased Rad Resistance and Toxic Resistance to 25%.

Hands of Gold: Added +1 Intelligence.

Hunting: Added +5% Critical Chance, +10 Stealth.

Liver of Steel: Added +3 Personality while drunk.

Lover of Healthy Foods: Added +5 Sequence.

Lubricator: Added +10 Technology and Tinkering.

(New) Master of Thievery: Old Master of Unlocking benefits plus added automatic success on pickpocket attempts if pickpocket skill is at least twice the target's alertness level.

Nurse: Added +10 Health.

Poison Ivy: Added +1 Endurance.

Self-Sufficient: Added +2 Attention while under the effects of a drug.

(New) Slippery as a Fish in Water: Added +10 to Dodge.

Supplier: Added +10 Speechcraft.

Throwing: Added +10 Throwing.

Quick Reload: Added +1 Dexterity.

:::: 2.5: Adjusted difficulty
Set "neutron.difficulty" to "0" to disable, "1" enable for casual/normal only, "2" enabled in all difficulty levels, defaults to "1"

So many creatures have dexterity set to 9-11 for some unknown reason.  The following characters/creatures have their speed adjusted by debuffing their sequence and action points a bit:

Bandits, Bear, Boar, Guards, Raiders, Bodyguards, Mycelium Members, Morlock, Dog, Cultists, Giant Spider Strong, Giant Rats, Gorilla, Headhunters, Bloodhound, Bloodroot, Lizards, Shadow, Forest pirates, Thugs, Looters, Slavers, Hunters, Snowman Throwers, Stalkers, and Wolves

Lowers the count of healing items random encountered spawned enemies will have in their inventory.

Lowers the actual amount healing items will heal enemies.

:::: 2.6: Fishing Master

Set "" to "0" to disable

All chances effected by luck as normal

Catch anything is set to 70%
Catch something good set to 50%
Catch golden fish with normal bait set to 10%
Catch golden fish with special bait set to 100%

Golden fish catch luck requirement removed

:::: 2.7:  Small Adjustments
Going to list small changes here with their control values, if applicable.  Unless otherwise specified the control values will default to "1".  You can disable these by setting that to "0", unless otherwise noted

  • Flipped blocking check so better shields will block more often : "neutron.flipBlocking"
  • Show needed value, skill or characteristic, to pass checks in Dialog : "neutron.showNeeded"
  • Display log will show the lock level of a locked container or door when you attempt to open it : "neutron.showNeeded", shared setting
  • Looser Camera Control allowing lower angles, closer and farther away views: "neutron.cameracontrols", disabled by default
  • Teammates will be healed as well as the player by medics in the village and towns : "neutron.teamHeal"
  • Teammates will now get the same non-battle XP as the player : "neutron.teamEXP"
  • A newly joined Teammate will receive XP to bring them up to within 90% of the players XP : "neutron.teamCatchup"
  • Love the scaling UI, did not like the game defaults - this is now an override, the UI will be ignored when enabled : "neutron.scaleHUD" disabled by default, personally I liked "1.15"
  • Greatly increased chances that random encounters caves and mines will have enemies : "neutron.encounters"
  • Display log will now show attacker and defender during combat : "neutron.enhancedCombatLog", shared setting
  • Display log will now show shield block information during combat : "neutron.enhancedCombatLog", shared setting
  • Display log will list all wounded teammates "Current HP / Max HP" after a battle is over : "neutron.enhancedCombatLog", shared setting
  • In combat added the name of the target you are currently hovering over : always on
  • Dead Bodies will now highlight in yellow, if they have no items in inventory after you first search them. : always on
  • Item name with simple mouse hover - no need for hold and navigate to the Information sub menu : always on
  • Barter and Pocket Inventory HUD holding down the CTRL key when you click an item will automatically move it to the next panel without manually dragging the item. : always on
  • Auto succeed on pickpocket attempts if pickpocket skill and luck are maxed : "neutron.masterSteal", disabled by default
  • Alertness level of a pickpocket target will be shown on the display log : "neutron.showNeeded", shared setting
  • Trader's Barter level will be shown on the display log : "neutron.showNeeded", shared setting
  • Nikolay "Red Fighter" can craft different ammo types, overriding his 12g slug ammo creation : "neutron.ammoSwap" set to blank to disable, defaults to "356cal_JHP" which is "9.39" ammo in game.
  • Added option to stop hunger level increasing for people that find eating annoying : "neutron.ignoreHunger", defaults to disabled
  • Added option to allow the "Geiger Counter" and "Scanner" to function while in the player's inventory : "neutron.activeInInventory"
  • Added option to cap toxic and radiation zone damage : "neutron.zoneRadToxicReduction", defaults to disabled
  • Added ability to adjust colors used for highlights for colorblind players : "neutron.colorOverride", defaults to disabled.  Colors are in RGB format 0-255 value comma separated.  Three values "neutron.colorSelect", "neutron.colorTarget", and "neutron.colorPanic"
  • Locked containers will highlight a different color : always on

:::: 2.8:  Melee Weapon Balancing - Melee Weapons seem to fall behind Martial Weapons in terms of usefulness
Set "neutron.meleeBoost" to "0" to disable

Melee has been enhanced by adding a base damage bonus based off the melee skill a user has, this is the same magnitude that Martial Weapons currently get from Martial Arts.

Melee Skill < 70; +1 damage
Melee Skill < 90 and Strength >= 5; +3 damage
Melee Skill < 120 and Strength >= 5 and Dexterity >= 5; +5 damage
Melee Skill >= 120 and Strength >= 5 and Dexterity >= 5; +8 damage

Melee Weapons have also been adjusted - for the most part this is just a reduction of Action Point cost to put them on a more even footing.

Shovel (AP -1), Knife (damage +1, add crit 6), Club (AP -1), Spiked Club (AP -1), Sharpened Knife (add crit 10), Axe (AP -1, crit 15), Police Baton (AP -1), Pry Bar (AP -1, Stun 15), Soviet army Knife (Crit 20), Lenin's Wrath (AP -1, crit 15), Taiga Machete (AP -1, crit 10), and Sabre (AP -1, crit 20, pierce 50); all of these got +5 sequence also added

:::: 2.9:  Teammate Controls
Added some key commands to control teammate actions:

F1: Makes all teammates equip a ranged weapon if they have one.
F2: Makes all teammates equip a closed weapon if they have one.

:::: 3.0:  Cheats
Set "neutron.cheatsOn" to "0" to disable, which is the default

F7: Heals the player and all teammates
F8: Kills all enemies