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Small Adjustments to the game.

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Modified the action points cost using pistols. Basically lowered with one point. Only the non rust versions. The rust version are untouched.
Are more useful now, especially with a new character. Also I modified a bit the range you can fire with them. Not much, mind you.
"Special Pistol" (Desert Eagle) now have burst fire. Also I touched a little the "Old Rifle" you get in Otradnoye. Now you can use it for quite a wile.
Vintorez camo have 3 AP to fire single shots and a little higher the aimed range. Not much, though.

The Gyulchatay (slave girl) will fight bad guys when is accompanying you. I only modified his behavior. Was "avoiding", now is "aggressive" making her fight.
Basically you can use it like any other companion. But what I like most that when I want to get rid of her I can send her home, but you can't recruit her again after that. So keep that in mind. I didn't modified her stats, but I might, depends on the feedback or my mood :)

I also put to 0 barter skill to all the traders in the game. That means you'll get better prices from them. But for some reason the game will level them up so the higher your level the higher they go also. But not that much like previously was.

Also I modified the Backpack carry weight.
This is more like a cheat. So the hand bag will give you 99Kg, and the rest will give you 99Kg more with each version you get. So the last version (Ermac) will give you almost 400Kg extra and no action points penalty. This is useful for those which don't wanna use the car. I being one of them :)

The Dog Armor (both variants) is also improved. More Damage resistant, carry weight and is give him action points. Now you can use it more or less in any combat. He will still run after bad guys in the fights, but he will not die as much. Also I give him 3 missing stat points. I put those in Endurance.

Sorry for my English. It's not my native language.