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Pimp My Color Spectrum
is a "Lut" for Reshade + Atomic Heart. Somehow the game
lost the colors, so I added some again, and slightly increased
the exposure to make more details visible.

Just as our spoiled eye loves it.

Fap! Fap! Fap!
Oh yes colors, I love you.

If you're not completely stupid, the installation is done quickly.

1) Install Reshade into the \AtomicHeart\Binaries\WinGDK folder
\AtomicHeart\Binaries\Win64 folder.
(where the Exe is)
(Install all shaders except the legacy shaders.

2) Extract the "lut.png" from the "lut.7zip" to the folder
And overwrite the existing file.

3) Start Atomic Heart, open Reshade and create a new preset.
Activate the "Apply Lut" shader(LUTTools.fx).

4) That's it.

Use the "Luma" and "Chroma" controls
to adjust the strength of the lut.

Use this mod to increase FPS and image quality.
Atomic Heart only uses FSR 1.0, this mod swaps out DLSS with FSR 2.1.2.
Which drastically increases the frame rate and image quality.
Install this mod, then choose a DLSS mode in game.

DLSS to FSR 2.1.2 <<<