Atomic Heart
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Blueprint-based mod loader for logic-only Blueprint mods. Unlocks developer console for testing/debugging.

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This is unattend-setup of ABPML for Atomic Heart. Below is quick-setup readme, more info can be found in the github repository.

1. STEAM: Go to your Steam Library, find "Atomic Heart", right-click, Manage -> Browse Local Files.
          This is your game root folder.
   OTHER: simply right-click the shortcut on the desktop/start menu, select "Properties" and
          then "Open File location". This is your game root folder.
2. Extract content of the zip-archive inside root folder. If you did everything correctly,
   file "ABPML_UE4_27_AtomicHeart.pak" will be present inside "AtomicHeart\Content\Paks\".
3. Installation complete.

See for the information how to create compatible mods.

- You can install other mods, but DO NOT DELETE ANY of the original game files, this includes startup movies
- The game uses some custom UI scaling curve. Issues with UI may arise, not everything tested.

ABPML does not change any existing in-game assets so it should be compatible with any other mods.
Issues may arise if other mods use the same hotkey as ABPML mods, as usual.

ABPML enables developer console by default. You can use it to force-lock FOV or use in-game
custom command/cheats, etc.