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These ships are modified versions of ships from the base game extended to higher tiers, such as the EF-4 and EF-5 excavation (mining) frigates which add to the EF-1 through EF-3 line of Borecraft mining frigates. More to come...

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Borecraft EF-4 Excavation Frigate

The EF-4 Excavation Frigate has been designed with enhanced engineering and electronic features that vastly improve mining yield, while reducing the number of active module hardpoints needed. While this makes the vessel even less useful in anything resembling a combat role, it allows the inclusion of an additional passive module mount point for more flexibility and a modest increase in cargo space.

Features include:
- Double mining strength per active module, yielding the same results from two mining turrets that the ES-3 effected with four
- Significantly greater mining speed (50% even before taking pilot training into account)
- Improvements in energy efficiency (25% base)
- Minor improvements in mining range (15%)
- One additional passive module mounting point
- 100 m³ additional base cargo capacity
- 5.2% greater engine thrust to partially compensate for the extra mass

Borecraft EF-5 Excavation Frigate

The EF-5 Excavation Frigate is an even more advanced, double-hulled version of the EF-4.

Features include:
- Even greater mining strength per active module
- Another modest increase in mining speed (10% additional over the EF-4)
- Significantly more improvements in energy efficiency (50% base)
- Greater improvements in mining range (25%)
- Yet another additional passive module mounting point
- Much greater base cargo capacity, adding another 600 m³
- More than 50% greater engine thrust to partially compensate for the massive double hull