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Adds 40+ ships new and upgraded versions of ships in the game and changes game balance.

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This will need a new game or having your save file changed as the new ships don't work on an an existing save.

This mod aims to completely change the balance of the game to make ship progression more fun and ships feel like they have a role to play and are not all jack of all trades. also trying to make combat in capital class ships feel like your flying a big ship.

Quality of life changes 

  • New ship editor pictures added for most parts

ships & changes 

  • Added 40+ new ships. 
  • Escorts and other ships size rework. 
  • Ships are specialised in their role and have higher skill level required to fly higher tier ships.
  • Ships have more balanced cargo bays to fit their role. 
  • Transport ships now have very few active modules and a lot of passive modules.
  • Large ships are now slower and have much lower turn rates in general. 
  • Combat ships in general have less passive slots and more weapon slots.
  • Merc ships now have more cargo room than the base ship to make up for lack of passive slot cargo buffs.
  • New ship classes that are specialised for their role and have massive buffs.

New skills & skill changes

  • Mining barge class ship and training.
  • Freighter class ship and training. 
  • Super freighter class ship and training. 
  • Super Dreadnought class ship and training. 

Passive modules & changes

  • Afterburner, thruster and mass reduction buffs on modules have been halved.
  • Energy Generator modules have been buffed from 20/40/60/80/100 to 30/60/90/120/150 %

None weapon active modules 

  • All ECM has had range increased by 1000
  • New shield boosters added small/med/large. 

Weapon changes

  • Most weapons rate of fire are now the same no matter the quality but damage and range are increased.
  • Weapons now cost more power the larger they are so small ships unless specialised to use less energy with weapons cant use large & heavy weapons efficiently unless making sacrifices or having a highly skilled pilot. 
  • Large & heavy weapons have much higher damage and range but less turn speed and much slower fire rate.
  • Missile launchers now have higher energy costs, much longer range and slower rates of fire. The rate of fire and energy cost scale the with the amount of missiles the launcher fires.
  • Light weapons now have slightly lower damage but higher turn speed.
  • Have changed all ammo types to do twice the damage and ammo is smaller to help combat ships hold it with small cargo bays 
  • Lasers and beam weapons have had damage doubled.

New weapons

  • Railguns - only large & heavy weapons they are very long range and have very fast projectiles with huge damage but have terrible turn speed, fire rate and a high energy cost only useful vs very large ships or slowed ships. 
  • Single SRM's - very short range missile launchers with low energy cost, low damage and fast fire rate. Good for escorts.
  • Quad LRM's - very long range, very high energy cost with a very slow rate of fire and slightly higher damage.

Planned weapons   (if they are possible)
  • Gatling laser - medium sized weapon short range, high rate of fire, very low damage, low energy cost with good turn speed and high projectile speed.
  • Pulse beam - fires a medium range, very low damage beam at extremely high speed with a very fast rate of fire and low energy cost with average turn speed.


Currently play testing these changes and will most lightly be changed in the future.

Still working on this mod