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About this mod

The mod provide a hotkey to temporarily disable point animation.

Permissions and credits
Mod purpose:
At official Astroneer reddit u/FuriouslyRaging posted:
When I'm trying to quickly grab items off the ground by shift + clicking I sometimes miss and have to watch the player do this annoying point animation before I can continue grabbing items. If we could disable this animation in settings I'd be extremely grateful. Or, if you could allow the player to continue moving and grabbing items while doing the point animation this would not be an issue.


  • Cheat Engine versions:
  • Astroneer steam versions: (Rails)

How to install
  • Download latest Cheat Engine from official site
  • Install Cheat Engine
  • Download AstroneerDisablePointAnimation.rar from files tab and extract AstroneerDisablePointAnimation.CT to any folder you like
  • Run the *.CT file with Cheat Engine
  • Use options as described in How to use section

How to use
  • Once the Cheat Engine opened there should be a single script:
  • To disable point animation: activate script by clicking a box in Active table column ('X' mark shoud appear)
  • To reanable point animation: deactivate script by clicking a box again
  • To toggle script: use default hotkey 'P' or adjust it using 'Set/Change hotkeys' in script context menu:

Important notes
  • I'll appreciate if you can test the mod with your game version and publish results. So I can improve compatibility.
  • This mod could crash your game if requirement didn't met.