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Reshade for Astroneer including color/contrast adjustments, image smoothing, and additional lighting and shadow effects.

Permissions and credits
-Download the zip file and unzip the contents
-Move the contents of the IntoTheSunReshade folder into the directory that contains Astro-Win64-Shipping.exe binary at ~\steamapps\common\ASTRONEER\Astro\Binaries\Win64
-Launch the game


Numpad 0 - Turn Reshade on/off
Numpad 1 - Toggle Color (low performance impact)
Numpad 2 - Toggle Image Quality (mid performance impact)
Numpad 3 - Toggle Lighting/Shadows (high performance impact)
Home - Reshade Menu

Color Adjustments

Eye Adaptation
Adaptively darkens the scene to balance over exposure

Lifts darks/shadows a bit while lowering gain a lot on reds/greens and less on blues to balance bright colors

Negative contrast adjustment to wash things out a bit and help balance over exposure

Tone Map
Very much over exposed, desaturation, and reduces yellow tint

Image Quality

Helps get rid of banding from low angled lighting and softens the terrain edges a bit

Softens the image with a light blurring effect that makes the base and vehicles look very soft as well as blurring sharp reflections.
The downside is that it removes some of the definition from the bright twinkling pixels that appear on dark terrain.

Lighting and Shadows

Reflective Bump Mapping
All light sources (tethers, head lamp, work light, sun) are effectively brighter by reflecting more light off of the terrain around them.  Sunrises and sunsets in particular reflect across a lot more of the planet
Color boundaries in terrain become softer by reflecting into each other
Subtle reflections for bright objects.  Most noticeable on hard surfaces such as the ground around the shelter when highlighting a structure or placing resources on the ground.

Depth Haze
Makes cave haze brighter, bringing details in the distance and ceiling out from the haze
Brightens the horizon on the surface and brightens up space a bit

Adds a lot of shadow detail to the edges of grass and cube rocks in caves  
Nice shadow detail on base/vehicle struts
Shadow detail on backpack slots very noticeable when the inventory is opened
With many objects on screen this becomes the largest performance hog