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skylightglare Makacha and ilikedetectives

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Enhances Player's muscles (Eivor and Havi)

Permissions and credits
  • hypermorphic's Forger 2.10 Utility tool
  • This .forger2 file, Enhanced Muscle Definition_v20.2.forger2 
  • EivorEnhancedMuscleDefinition folder (if you wanna play as Eivor) AND/OR HaviEnhancedMuscleDefinition (if you wanna play as Havi)

***If you are new to Forger, make sure to read the User Guide before getting started.
1) Extract the Enhanced Muscle Definition file
2) Open the textures of your choosing of the 4 options (only choose one for Eivor and only one for Havi)
2) Copy and paste Enhanced Muscle Definition_v20.2.forger2 file AND textures folder into your ForgerPatches folder, located inside your game folder (same location as your ACValhalla.exe file), like photo below

3) Open Forger, hit "Rescan" if necessary. New patches will be highlighted in yellow, and updates to existing patches will display in green.
4) Check the options you want, this shouldn't take long but wait until the check appears.

    • Muscles in B2 are more defined than B1
    • Only check ONE option for Eivor and Havi each
5) Close Forger. If you leave Forger opened and start the game, your files may get corrupted and you will have to restore the game before reinstalling Forger.
6) Open the game and play as usual.

1) Deactivate current mod via Forger (this is important don't skip it!)
2) Copy and paste the new textures into ForgerPatches folder
3) Accept the overwrite warning from Windows

  • Make sure to have this .forger2 file, "Enhanced_Muscle_Definition_v18.forger2" AND the texture folders (either EivorEnhancedMuscleDefinition or HaviEnhancedMuscleDefinition or both)
  • Tested with Ubisoft Connect version 1.7.0
  • Compatible with ReShade
  • Yes I name my game drive after Assassin's Creed Hell Daddy, Hades.
  • If you are a content creator affiliated with Ubisoft and use this mod, please provide credits, skål!

  • Try clicking "Reset All Forges" button in Forger and reapplying the mod.
  • If not, try "Reset All Forges" again. Then, verify the game files via Ubisoft Connect and repair corrupted game files.
  • If this still doesn't work, follow the instructions under "restoring the game" in Forger 2 User Guide.
  • If all else fails, try uninstalling and reinstalling the game.

Future Plans (don't send in requests until you read this):
  • Fix dark skin patches on the back, near armpit areas. Also some blemishes on shoulders.
  • Scars (maybe)
  • Original tattoos/warpaints (maybe)

Special thanks to hypermorphic for making Forger patch manager and sharing helpful texture info files and Makacha for helping us with hex editing. Skylightglare and I also want to thank theawesomecoder61 for creating Blacksmith, which is another great help with texture extraction and forgeMaster for creating ACViewer.