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No frills, no "cinematic" or "bleak" shenanigans, just great color saturation and a sharpened image. Please see below for comparison images.

Permissions and credits
- Adaptive Sharpen
- CA
- Clarity
- Curves
- DELC_Sharpen
- Levels
- Pirate Curves
- Tonemap
- Vibrance
- Vignette

My screenshots are too big for the Nexus uploader, so here are before/after images:

Comparison 1 
Comparison 2
Comparison 3
Comparison 4
Comparison 5
Comparison 6

As I discovered recently when playing Syndicate and Odyssey, Ubisoft seems to enjoy putting a blur on their games that really washes out colors and makes everything look foggy. This reshade aims to correct that, by providing a sharper image and much better color saturation. You may notice a decrease of about 5 fps with the vanilla preset and 7 fps with the colorful preset, but I think it's pretty worth it for a much higher quality image. Nights should also be darker.

Made with reshade 4.7: The necessary shaders should be inlcuded in the rar. Just drop the ini and the other folder into your Valhalla directory. Press Home when you start the game, and it should show the active shaders (after you go through or skip the tutorial) - obviously, first you must inject reshade into the game using the reshade installer on the game's .exe.