Assassin's Creed Valhalla

About this mod

This mod will allow you to mesh-swap various parts of the raven clan outfit.
There's also an optional file for hiding capes, to prevent clipping.

Permissions and credits
With this mod you can mesh-swap a selection of parts from the Raven Clan outfit. I have split them for each item rarity level, so you can enable multiple mesh-swaps.

How to install
  1. Download and extract the .zip file
  2. Place the Rider735_RavenClan_Mesh_Swaps.forger2 file in your valhalla/ForgerPatches folder
  3. Activate it using the Forger Patch Manager

Known issues
  • The Odin outfit lacks a backside, it isn't that glaring with a cloak equipped
  • Some meshes will be missing arms when replacing the Mythical grade tunic
  • Helmet swaps will clip through the hood when in disguise mode