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This lets you toggle the entire HUD on/off, including objective markers. You can also turn off the last known position silhouette and sword trails.

Permissions and credits

Simply drop all the files in the main Assassin's Creed Unity folder where the .exe is located

Ingame press caps lock to toggle the HUD on or off.  If you have an xbox controller press the left thumb stick to toggle the HUD.

Press H to toggle off the last known position silhouette and sword trails

Be aware that the menu will also disappear when HUD is toggled off.

Recommended HUD preset to use in game is "all hidden"

Changing keybinds:

If you want to change the key/button bindings, simply open d3dx.ini and search for ;Keybinds
Below you will find this section:

Key = caps     <--- Keyboard HUD toggle binding
x = 0
type = toggle

Key = h    <--- Toggle last known position silhouette and sword trails
y = 0
type = toggle

Key = XB_LEFT_THUMB    <--- Xbox controller HUD toggle binding
type = toggle

Simply change or remove any binding. A list of all available Xbox binds can be found here