Assassins Creed: Rogue
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Makes outfit black

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This mod changes the color of many outfits to black

Outfits in this mod(for now)
-Assassin Killer Outfit(From Uplay)
-Sir James Gunn Armor(DLC)
-Templar 11th Century Armor(Quest Item)
-Captain Outfit(From Shop)
-Admiral Outfit(From Naval Campaign
-Commander Outfit(DLC)
-Native Armor(Quest Item}NEW!
-Templar Enforcer(From completing all Assassin Interception Mission)NEW!

-Download Resorep(Must): Download in the file tab

-Download Java Software(Also Must):

-Open win 10 file in the resorep folder you download it

-Copy the dx11proxy32/64(Depends on your system)

-Paste the file to C:Windows/System32(Or SysWOW64, Depends on your system)

-Open Resorep, then click add application

-Choose Assassin's Creed Rogue .exe
File Wherever You Put It

-Choose 64 Bit

-Now copy the .dds inside the folder to the Resorep's modded folder

-See the modded texture folder location at the bottom in Resorep app if you don't know where to put the .dds file

Enjoy!, I work hard on this mod please credit me if you want to share it:)

I might add more outfit, just comment on what outfit do you want to be modded next