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Allows you to customize your HUD and to remove all the unnecessary effects you always wanted gone from the game.

Permissions and credits
This mod uses 3DMigoto to work and is fully compatible with Reshade.
It will not work with Resorep based mods !
All the options can be tweaked in the hud_settings.ini and effect_settings.ini
You can change the settings while playing, just alt + tab out of the game open one of the ini's, change some stuff and save the ini. When back ingame press F10 to load the new settings.

Mod Requirements :
Lastest version of the game installed. If you don't have that feel free NOT to report any issues you encounter

The mod allows you to disable the following effects (each one idependently from others)
- loot sparkle particles and loot glow effects
- arrow trails
- pulse effect when hitting an enemy with an arrow
- weapon trails
- weapon trails on overpower ability
- character glow effects during level up
- stripes effect on Bayek when hiding
- sparkles seen around Bayek when enemies loose sight of him
- heavy attack warning circle effects
- heavy attack warning flash effects
- headshot flash effects
- red stripe effects visible when hitting an enemy
- white outlines on tagged enemies
- red glow on weapons when heavy attack is charged
- yellow glow on Bayek after using an ability point or executing a well timed dodge
- eagle sense circular wave effect
- glow on arrow resupply quivers and possibly other glowing containers
- smoke seen on some shields
- smoke seen on enemies which are poisoned
- white path line when using follow road
- greenish glow seen around a dangerous animal while underwater
- white stripes seen when going fast with Senyu or on chariot race starts
- healing effects for weapons that heal Bayek

The settings for effects are located in Mods/effect_settings.ini

The mod allows you to make the following changes to the HUD:
- hide the crosshair
- hide active quest objectives and location objectives for Bayek
- hide active quest objectives, location Objectives, button prompts, controls and hint messages for Senyu
- hide hint messages for Bayek and Senyu which show up in the center of the screen 
- disable distance texts shown with floating icons for Bayek
- disable texts shown with floating icons for Senyu (distance texts and/or activity texts)
- disable the outline icon shown around points or persons of interest when using Senyu
- disable Senyu's distance from target wheel, and target direction pointers
- disable the distance text shown under compass icons
- make the compass more transparent in restricted areas
- disable the ACP watermark show when using the Animus control panel on your current savegame
- disable the icon shown when crafting is available
- disable the icon shown when ability points are available
- disable the healthbar when your equipped item is cursed
- disable the circle icon shown when an interaction is nearby (either disable or replace it with an Odyssey style dot)
- disable the floating yellow pointers shown over targets in some quests
- disable the indicator that shows from which direction you were hit by an arrow
- disable the indicator shown when an enemy is detecting you
- disable the mini icons shown over tagged enemies when they are far away from you (for Bayek only or Bayek and Senyu)
- disable the enemy level indicator and more (disable for Bayek and/or Senyu, replace the level indicators with mini icons for Bayek and/or Senyu)
The above setting includes new mini icons for captain/elite enemies and enemies above your level)
- show the level indicator only when a key choosen in key_binds.ini is held down (works with any setting set in the option above)
- hide enemy healthbars permamently or show them only when a key choosen in key_binds.ini is held down
- separate setting for each game icon to be disabled on the map
- separate setting for each game icon to be disabled on the compass for Bayek
- separate setting for each game icon to be disabled on the compass for Senyu
- separate setting for each game icon to be disabled when floating for Bayek (includes a setting to show choosen icons when a key is held down)
- separate setting for each game icon to be disabled when floating for Senyu

The settings for HUD are located in Mods/hud_settings.ini

The eiom.ini is not meant to be modified by users so don't.

When using $disable_BayekActiveObjectives and $disable_HintMessages if you encounter any problems and bugs report them in the posts section i still need to complete the entire game to make sure they work right. If you find something wrong let me know in the posts section

Big thanks to DarkStarSword for the ongoing development of 3D Migoto and the people of the 3D Migoto community

================TO INSTALL==============
1. Unpack the contents of the zip into the game directory and overwrite when asked
2. Done
If you are updating and had ini's configured you will need to reconfigure the ini files