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This reshade makes the game sharper, a bit more vibrant, removes the yellow/gray haze and fixes the contrast. It's how the game should look, in my opinion.

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I always loved the atmosphere of the game, but it just always bothered me that there was a weird overcast/hazy look to the lighting. The sky is more gray than blue and things lit by the sun look dull instead of bright. It made the middle of the day almost look like a cloudy sunrise or sunset sometimes. So I created this reshade to be subtle and not change the overall feel of the game, but just enhance it. This reshade will make the sun as bright as it should be and fix the contrast overall. It also fixes the tone a bit to get rid of the gray-green haze the overall image had, making blues and reds more vibrant. I also included some sharpening to help adjust for the blurriness anti-aliasing adds. This is how the game should look already in my opinion.

1. Download the latest reshade (version 4.1.1 at the time I made this)
2. Run the reshade installer, select the game (select ACOrigins.exe, for Uplay it should be in Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\games\Assassin's Creed Origins) and then select Direct3D10+
3. When it prompts you, download the shaders (the ones used in this preset are LUT and LumaSharpen. Downloading them all will work but will make reshade load slower on startup)
4. Download this preset and copy ClearEgypt.ini to where the game's .exe is.
5. Copy lut.png to ~\Assassin's Creed Origins\reshade-shaders\Textures (replace the lut.png that is in there already)
6. Start the game up and select the preset from the drop down in the reshade options.

Use 'Shift+F2' (or 'Home' on newer reshade versions) to show the reshade overlay.

View comparison sliders here

Since version 2, this reshade should have almost no performance impact on the game.

2.0 Update:

I've changed the reshade to use LUT instead of multiple effects that could impact performance. Make sure to put lut.png into the reshade textures folder reshade-shaders\Textures or the reshade won't look right.