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Renders 29 bows and their quivers, along with Leonidas spear invisible for a less cluttered back. Ideal for those who prefer 300/Warrior look but still want the boosted stats.

Permissions and credits
The ability to remove the bow, quiver, and arrows inside the quiver has always been highly requested but Ubisoft never patches that in and most likely, they never will. I heard that when NG+ was first release, there was a bug that let players actually un-equip and re-equip the bow as if it was a regular weapon; but this bug had been fixed shortly after so it is not possible to replicate the result. Therefore, this mod serves as a more permanent solution and can be disabled as needed.


***If you are new to Forger, make sure to read the User Guide before getting started.

  • Drop this mod file into your "ForgerPatches" folder, located inside your game folder (same location as your ACOdyssey.exe file).
  • Open Forger 2.8, hit "Rescan" if necessary. New patches will be highlighted in yellow, and updates to existing patches will display in green.
  • Check "Clean Back", this shouldn't take long but wait until the check appears.
  • Close Forger. If you leave Forger opened and start the game, your files may get corrupted and you will have to restore the game before reinstalling Forger.
  • Open the game, equip the Abstergo Bow and play as usual.

  • Works for both Kassandra and Alexios.
  • Tested with UPlay version 1.5.4 and the mod works.
  • You can still use the bow as a weapon as usual, it just looks like Kassandra/Alexios are miming.
  • Similar with the spear, you won't see it but you can still use it, spear will reappear in its stage 1 design during a few live action, mo-cap cutscenes but don't worry it's still invisible afterwards.
  • The mesh files for the bunch of arrows inside the quiver are the same for ALL bows, this means if you enable this mod, the arrow bunch inside other visible quivers are also invisible (see pics).
  • A few bows shared the same bow and quiver mesh files, so it's not possible to make any of these invisible individually.
  • Compatible with ReShade.

  • Try clicking "Reset All Forges" button in Forger and reapplying the mod.
  • If not, try "Reset All Forges" again. Then, verify the game files via UPlay and repair corrupted game files.
  • If this still doesn't work, follow the instructions under "restoring the game" in Forger 2 User Guide.
  • If all else fails, try uninstalling and reinstalling the game.

Update Log:
  • v3.0 - Added Artemis, Eros, Helios, Herakles, Ikaros, Odysseus, Pessesh en Gerrehh, Swift-Winged, Thrakian, Vine, Precursor Reflex, and fixed invisibility issues with Heavy, Improved Hunter Bow, and 2 designs of Recurve bows. The only bow left that I can't get to work right now is the Hades Bow and its Cursed variation from the Altantis DLC.
  • v2.5 - Added Achilles, Big Horn, Helot, Paris, and 8 other Basic/Beginner bows
***Note: I can't seem to make the Heavy bow, 2 Recurve bows (yes, Ubisoft gives 2 different bows the same name), and the Improved Hunter bow to disappear. Might come back to troubleshoot this later but I don't have any lead about this yet.
  • v2.1 - Added Fanged/Viper bow and Steropes bow
  • v2 - All Spear of Leonidas versions (upgraded and non-upgraded) by hypermorphic
***Note: the spear still appears in certain cutscenes where Kassandra and Alexios need to use it, but will be invisible in most cutscenes because Kassandra and Alexios don't often use it.
  • v1 - Abstergo Bow, Quiver, and Arrows inside the quiver

Special thanks to hypermorphic for making Forger patch manager and sharing helpful mesh and build table info files. Without his tremendous help, this mod would not be possible. I also want to thank theawesomecoder61 for creating Blacksmith, which is a great help.