Assassin's Creed Odyssey
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Used to wipe your inventory of Duplicate items added in by Inventory Editor!
can be used to delete Lieutenants that are given during main story line but you added through editor thus causing crashes
can be used to delete duplicate ship cosmetics!

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ATTENTION! Since Update 1.5.0 for the game Ubisoft has added in UPLAY PLUS Versions of their Games! if you are a UPLAY PLUS Subscriber this mod will not work for you! Sorry for the Inconvenience!

Stated by Budabum!
Inventory Wiper, for whoever needs it

0. make Save file
1. Load CE cheat //file is attached
2. enable cheat "GetInventoryObj"
3. in ACOD enter inventory, CE values will get populated
4. in CE click Memory View->Tools>Lua Engine
5. File->Open Script, load LUA script // file is attached
6. click execute to test script works, should enum all inventory items.
7. last output line should be "deleted: 0 found: 5000"
-----next steps are destructive, be careful----
8. update first line in the script from "no" to "yes"
9. click Execute, now last line will be "deleted: 5000 found: 5000"
10. quicksave game F5, wait logo in left bottom, quickload F9

this should work for those with the LT Bug!