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This Cheat Engine table provides you capability to Edit your inventory items, Get Items, Swap items, Mod perks for items. Besides of inventory modding you are free to use boosters: boost weekly quests, boost XP/Drachmae and other things.

***Supported game version corresponds to the uploaded file version.

Permissions and credits
ATTENTION! As of 1.5.0 Ubisoft has added in UPLAY PLUS Versions of their games!
This Mod will not work if you are a UPLAY PLUS Subscriber! Sorry for the Inconvenience!
Currently Looking for someone with the Knowhow of how to swap ACOdyssey.exe with ACOdyssey_PLUS.exe as the required Process for this table while keeping all the addresses and Scripts! PM me if you are able to do this!

UPDATE on UPLAY PLUS!: In Regards to a Uplay PLUS Version! at this point I think it may have to be done from scratch! but as I am not a PLUS member I cannot do it (Requires the ACOdyssey_plus.exe Process to be running and it will not run for anyone without plus!) I also think the scripts and everything can just be copied over to the new CT file aswell! if anyone is able to make this trainer from scratch ( while copying all the scripts and stuff from the current CT file that is on here let me know! if I had PLUS I wouldn't be able to work on this regular trainer. and since I don't have PLUS I cannot work on the PLUS trainer as some of the regular CT scripts require the regular EXE to run in order to open the tickers and as I said idk how to script! if someone does and can get rid of the ACOdyssey.exe Module Requirement that will help this go forward! also since I am not a PLUS member I cannot test the CT file either!

so to sum it up anyone with a PLUS membership that knows how to do CE and can get the trainer working from scratch with the scripts/settings copied over (along with being able to edit the Module to get rid of the requirement and then add in the PLUS exe to it!) let me know!
Will be Updating this Regularly!

Full Credit for Creation of this mod goes to Budabum! over on Fearless Revolution site!
Credit for adding in Helios/Ikaros/Myrmadon/New Horse goes to Borucic!
Credit for adding this to Nexus in the first place goes to Nanofolk!

● Inventory
    ○ +Inventory: Get Item
        ▪ +Single Get Item  
        ▪ +Bulk Get Item (packs, quests, materials)
    ○ +Inventory: Swap Item
    ○ +Inventory: Editor
        ▪ +Inventory Page
        ▪ +Ship Cosmetics
        ▪ +Special Lieutenants
    ○ +Inventory: Settings
        ▪ +Set Crafting Materials
        ▪ +Set Gear/Storage Capacity
● Boosters
    ○ +Quests x/y boost x30
    ○ +Engraving x/y booster
    ○ +Damage multiplier
        ▪ +Adrestia (SunBeam)
        ▪ +Player
  • +XP/Drachma booster
  • +Map pack booster
  • +Remove Horse Speed Limit
  • +Infinite Health: Felucca Small Boat
  • +Set Level Scaling Delta

Q: Is it possible to edit the Orichalcum?
A: Ori is server-sided value, you can't edit this from client side. However you have option to enable "Map pack booster" and unhide 100+ ori in the world.

Q: How to delete duplicate Armor or Weapon?
A: Use "Swap" cheat to replace your item with something else you can dismantle, follow on-screen instructions. You can grab ID of dismantleable Blue/Purple item from HashList file.

Q: How to delete duplicate Ship Cosmetics item?
A: go Here for an Inventory Wiper!

Q: Will I get banned for single player game cheats?
A: No one yet reported this. Seems ubisoft does not care much about single player game cheaters

-Version History- V1
-Added the new Packs,
-Poseidon/Elite Athenian/Chyribdis&Skylla Naval Packs
-Kronos/Herald of Dusk bonus packs
-Athenian/Spartan Weapon Packs
-Totinos Pizza Roll Pack

:Single Items:
Drinker of Light
The Greek Hello
Olympian Torch
Swift Slayer
Hammer of Horns
Vine Bow
Black Unicorn V2
-Added Styles A and B of :
Ancient Kings Set
Ares Set
Assassins Set
-Added all Crew Themes (Non Store/Club as they are in packs already!
-Added all FigureHeads (same as above
-Added all Ship Styles/Sails (Same as Above) V3
-Added in styles A and B for:
Brawlers Set
Champions Set
Conquerors Set
Hunters Set
-Added in all of Phobos NON Store/Club Skins!
-Moved some things around to neaten it up a bit. put all the single Ship customizations under Single Items ticker also put in the Single Legendary tab and Phobos Skins in there too
-Moved the Black Unicorn Skin to Phobos Skin Ticker V3.5
-Added in Melaina Skin for Phobos! I thought I got all the skins!
-Fixed the Dropdown stuff for my added scripts! so they no longer stay open and clutter everything! check the box to make them drop uncheck to make them to close! V4.0
-Moved the Store/Club Packs to their own Ticker
-Added all Lieutenants with Warning that adding them may crash your game during parts of the main questline if u got them through editor and are on the quest to get them in main quest! (Minus Store as those are in pack)
-Added Following Armor Sets to Lootable Armor Packs!
Mercenary Set Style A
Mercenary Set Style B
Mercenary Set Style C
Mercenary Set (Hooded) Style A
Mercenary Set (Hooded) Style B
Persian Warrior Set Style A
Persian Warrior Set Style B

1.5.0 V1
-Added Master Assassins Armor Set (TLOFB DLC)
-Added Master's Artemis Set

1.5.0 V2
-Added in Special Outfits from quests! (under Single Item look for the Special ticker!)
-Added Rusty Mycenaean Set
-Added Trackers Sets Styles A & B
-Added Travelers Sets Styles A& B
-Added First Civ Sets Red and Green
-Added Isu Myrmadon Sets Styles A B & C

1.5.0 V3
-made a Set Bonus Lootable Armor Set ticker for the legendary and other sets that have bonuses attached 
-added Wonderous Set Styles A & B
-Added Achilles Set
-Added Agamemnon Set
-Added Amazon Set