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ICON reshade, cinematic reshade that isn't DARK.

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Hello guys, so this preset is WIP but I've enjoyed it so much I've decided to share it even in it's infancy.

The preset is quite simple, some cinematic and advanced effects added in like DOF / Chromatic aberration etc. The colours are a bit too de-saturated at the moment (although it looks nice this is due to change) but the colours are far too saturated in the base game.

Unlike a lot of cinematic reshades that are brilliant (I love them and the authors are immensely talented) that can be found here on the nexus, I kept getting annoyed in cut scenes or in shadowy scenes where the blacks were far too dark (can barely see my characters face in interactions and dialogue no matter how pretty everything else is) so this preset is for that cinematic feel but bright.

All Criticism is welcome but this is still heavily WIP.

To install this preset, install that most recent version of Reshade at

After installing the most recent version of reshade, double click the .exe, navigate to your game folder with AC Odyssey and click on the AC Odyssey .exe.

Once you've done that reshade will prompt you about dx9 or dx 10+, choose dx10+, when prompted say yes and install all checked shaders.

Once that is done, go into the ICON reshade folder, put the reshade-shaders folder into the directory of your game (same folder as the games .exe), over-write everything if prompted (there are custom shaders in my pack, you have to do it this in order for my preset to work).

Once you've done that, move the Iconreshade.ini and reshade.ini file into the same folder as the game .exe. Launch the game and walla, it will work.

use the home button to bring up the reshade menu, use the drop down field and select Iconreshade and everything should work.

Only file to install now is 1.3 version, which is the final version with tweaked and fixed medium DOF. If you like this reshade but find it either too bright or too dark, go into Tonemap.fx and adjust the slider in increments of 20 either brighter or darker for your desired look. Any questions about the reshade like stronger DOF etc just feel free to ask in the comments of this mod page and I'll be sure to answer you, thanks :) .