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inventory Editor for Assassin's Creed Odyssey (English/simplified chinese), updated to version 1.5.6 you need to have the Cheat Engine installed.

Permissions and credits
simplified Chinese/English
This is not mine, I just want to make it more accessible as i see many wanting a updated version but its nowhere to be found,
ver:1.5.6 ignore the incorrect version inside the info tab it wasn't updated
all credits for "Budabum". updated by Dà nánrén,Lc (大男人、Lc) original english translation by nuocda, re-translation by gamer66

Table features:
● Inventory
    ○ +Inventory: Get Item (external hook)
        ▪ +Single Get Item  
        ▪ +Bulk Get Item (packs,quests,materials)
    ○ +Inventory: Get Item (internal hook)
    ○ +Inventory: Swap Item (Semi-Automated)
    ○ +Inventory: Editor
        ▪ +Inventory Page
        ▪ +Ship Cosmetics
        ▪ +Special Lieutenants
    ○ +Inventory: Settings
        ▪ +Set Crafting Materials
        ▪ +Set Gear/Storage Capacity
● Boosters
    ○ +Quests x/y boost x20
    ○ +Engraving x/y booster
    ○ +Damage multiplier
        ▪ +Adrestia (SunBeam)
        ▪ +Player
        ▪ +Damage cheat sheet
    ○ +XP/Drachmae booster
    ○ +Map pack booster
    ○ +Remove Horse Speed Limit
General note on colors: 
  'black' all editable records are colored 'black'. when you edit a record, you edit record's column 'Value'
  'gray'  records not recommenced for edit are marked as 'gray'
  'blue'  consider 'blue' items as in-line comments/hints
  'red'   all scripts and a few groups are marked as 'red'
  'green' just enabled script changes its color from red to green and vise versa when you disable it
    ○ +Get Item (external hook) / ▪ +Single Get Item
As simple as.
 - Paste HashID from the Excel HashList into 'Value' column
 - Toggle script by ticking line 'Toggle to Get Item'
 - On each toggle(Enable or Disable) the cheat will invoke internal game routine to provide you new item
 - You should see in-game new item pop-up and hear celebration sound
    ○ +Get Item (external hook) / ▪ +Bulk Get Item  
Automated way of getting pack items, quest items and materials. Cheat is hooking
standard in-game functions, and invokes them when on enabling.
    ○ +Get Item (internal hook)
***Consider this cheat as backup option if external hook does not work. 
This script hooks STORE event EStoreItemSelectionEvent, thus before you
proceed it is recommenced to put your uplay client off-line.
You still can use this cheat being on-line, however who knows what ubisoft checks in background.
1. go off-line
2. go to Inventory -> STORE -> tab Owned
3. look at items you have which are not marked bold "OWNED" in bottom left corner
4. when you hover mouse over such item you'll see "Get"
5. if you do not see "Get", it means all Items are OWNED, take a break and go to the Editor and wipe an item
   a. by means of the Editor replace any of OWNED items with something you can dismantle
   b. i.e. you replace one or several OWNED items with, let's say, EPIC
Arms Scaled Gauntlets, then you close ACOD Inventory Page, open it again
and do dismantle
6. now you grab HashID from Excel and put it into HashID line, column 'Value'
7. go back to OWNED page and click any item you can click. Hook, you enabled, will do the job
8. close STORE, re-open ACOD Inventory page and smile on "!" with just received new item
    ○ +Swap Item (Semi-Automated)
***Consider this cheat as outdated and replaced by External hook one.
Supported swap directions:  from Weapon or Armor to all types.
Follow on screen guidance:
1. Equip donor item in ACOD --> Value will get updated. Do not tick it. Do not edit it. Do not freeze it. Don't breath 

2. Paste HashId from Excel --> into 'Value' column
3. +Enable script to swap equipped item
after you enable the script from line (3), you'll get results of the operation
00:err - SUCCESS, no errors
   IMPORTANT: if err=0, then swap is complete, proceed with {unequip/F5/wait/F9} in game.
01:err - can't find pItem
02:err - donor is not equipped
03:err - unknown HashID
if you want to continue swapping, just disable script (3) and repeat steps from (1).
    ▪ +Inventory Page & +Ship Cosmetics
This section allows you to buff specific engravings of the picked item.
On each item re-equip, CE table will dynamically create/delete children
under each pPerk item. Work with pPerk/DamageXXX items to buff
IMPORTANT: for Inventory Page buff changes to take effect you need to save/load the game.
***This section is outdated, kept for history.
1. Make new Save before you start. And keep it for next at least 10h of game-play. Who knows what may go wrong
2. It is not recommended to change HashID values. Work with pItem and pPerk
3. In CE, activate Inventory Page or Ship Cosmetics
4. In ACOD, go to the Inventory Page and equip a donor item to use to swap. The CE table will get populated
5. Recommendation:
  Choose donor item with the same type of Perk1 that target item
possesses. Not following this recommendation you may observer on next
blacksmith upgrade 
  that swapped item changed Perk1 back to donor's Perk1 instead of keeping correct one. E.g. target item's Perk1 =
Warrior Damage, pick donor item with Perk1 "xx% Warrior Damage"
6. Grab and search the HashID for the wanted item
7. Search 8 bytes as HEX. You should get 1 result under "Found". If more results are found, try alt way of search
8. Take the value under "Address" and subtract by 10 using Hex calculator
9. Alternative way of search:
  - select value type 'Grouped'
  - paste into search string the following pattern "BA:1 1:0 2:0x8000 w:4 8:0xHASH"
  - instead of HASH paste yours
  - once value is found. grab it and subtract this time by 9. Use windows
calc in Programmer/HEX mode or any other online hex calculator
10. Take that calculated value and enter it under "Value" in the line "pItem".
If the calculated value is correct, the hash value showed in the grayed
line "HashID" under "pItem" should match the HashID value you took from
the Excel table.
10a. Choose the rarity of the target item in the line "Rarity"
11. Now go to ACOD and equip another item from the type of your donor item,
leave the inventory, reenter the inventory. Now you should see the new
item but it's still holds old texture and old name
12. Leave the inventory again and quick-save (F5) to save the changes and quick-load
(F9) to load the changed game. Or make a new save after every item
13. After you completed swap, start repairing Perks list
13a. Expand "Ref Settings Group" section and copy 4 times from pRefPerk1..4 to pPerk1..4
13b. Alternative: or search by HashID for each Perk and paste adjusted values into pPerk1...pPerk4
    ▪ +Special Lieutenants
1. This section opens you capability to collect HashID of Lieutenants for future. No swapping is supported through this section.
1a. caveats: you will be getting HashId=0000000000000000 for regular
Lieutenants and real HashID for special characters like Deimos/Evie etc.
This section also allows you to buff specific engravings of the picked
Lieutenant. Buffs take effect intermediately. No F5/F9 is required.
    ▪ +Set Crafting Materials
After enabling you are getting up to date amounts for the crafting materials:
Drachma / Soft Leather / Iron Metal / Olive Wood / Ancient Tablets /
Obsidian Glass / Precious Gems. 
If amount is shown as ??, first go to GetItem/Bulk cheat section and get 1 item of missing resource.
    ▪ +Set Gear/Storage Capacity
For hamsters, you are free to remove Ship and Inventory storage limit. Default value is 350.
As note: when you hit 350 Inventory Limit, you character slows down and can't run any more until you dismatle a few items.
When you hit 350 Ship Storage limit, the game blocks you to store more items on the ship.   
    ▪ +Quest x/y booster
Applicable for quests with objectives like "Kill 0/30 Spartans", "Sink 0/15 Athenian Triremes", "Burn 0/6 Supplies" or similar.
After enabling each of the objectives will be completed after first kill/sink/burn. The cheat is useful for weekly reset quests.
    ▪ +Engraving x/y booster
The engraving booster will only work if you can see the engraving tooltip.
1. Activate the CT as usual
2. Activate "Boosters" -> "Engraving x/y booster"
3. Double click on "Hit" under Filter->Value and replace the word with a
string showing in the tooltip text of the engraving you want to boost,
e.g. "Adrenaline per Hit" (The string is case sensitive).
4. In-game, open Inventory-> Engraving List. If the Script found the string, its
current value will be shown under "Item x/y Change Value"
5. Change the value to the one you want. Go to the game and leave the Inventory
Repeat the steps for every engraving you want to boost.
Always change to 1 value below the last value of the actual engraving level
and then meet the requirement by playing normally to increase the
counter by 1 and enable the next value.
After activating the new lvl normally you can boost again to the last value of the actual lvl.
If you change the value to a value of the next engraving lvl, you will break the counter.
Something to-do from 5 to 50.
Change 5 to 49, meet the requirements by playing normally to change the
counter to 50 and again to enable the next lvl 51 to XY. Only now boost
    ○ Damage multiplier
Self-descriptive. After enabling you'll be able to tune damage values per your preferred game experience. 
Under '+Damage Cheat sheet' you can tune values you see in ACOD Inventory when you click shift 'DETAILED STATS'.
    ○ +XP/Drachma booster
Standard in-game boosters which are carried between saves. Enable and set preferred multiplier. Default game value is 1.0
    ○ +Map pack booster
After enabling go to Map (or press 'M') and click Tab until you see 'PURCHASED MAPS' text.
     ○ +Remove Horse Speed Limit
By default the horse slows down near and in cities, forts, towns. The cheat removes that restriction.

in the case of any of the cheats not working please restart the game and trainer, let it load fully in and then hook it. due to some experimentation, map pack booster and horse speed limit somehow gets disabled by other trainers.