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I felt like playing through assassin's creed odyssey a few days back, and thus decided to make another reshade pre-set. Knowing I'm probably gonna lose it at some point, I figured I might as well upload it this time. Please don't expect any updates.

Permissions and credits

A simple pre-set, made by a guy called Victor.
Effects used:

  • AdaptiveSharpen.fx
  • AmbientLight.fx
  • ArtisticVignette.fx
  • Clarity.fx
  • Clarity2.fx
  • Colourfulness.fx
  • Curves.fx
  • DPX.fx
  • EyeAdaption.fx
  • FakeHDR.fx
  • GaussianBlur.fx
  • Levels.fx
  • LiftGammaGain.fx
  • PiecewiseFilmicTonemap.fx
  • Technicolor2.fx
  • Tonemap.fx
  • Vibrance.fx

Assassin's Creed Odyssey is a beautiful game to play maxed out on 4k, but on higher resolutions the colors don't really seem appropriate, some areas can come across as bland and uninspired, overly soft lighting fails to fully deliver the proper atmosphere, and lack of contrast causes you to miss out on what could be a great visual experience.

Given the many alternative presets the solution seemed simple, download someone else's, but for some reason they were all either too light during the day, or too dark during the night, hence, I made my own.

I've already done all the tweaking I wanted to, so I don't see myself posting any updates or changes to this in the future, please don't bother asking.

Also, if you're unsure on how to install ReShade, read the readme.txt included in the .rar file and follow the simple instructions.

All of the .fx files used, except for clarity2.fx, are the original files included in the ReShade installation, so if for some reason you chose to include all of them, you don't have to replace them all.

For some reason many distant trees/water in this game will look really choppy, as if playing without any AA on. Turning it to max doesn't seem to solve this though, and costs a lot of performance, so I chose to instead use AdaptiveSharpening to sharpen those objects and make them grittier, while at the same time using GaussianBlur to make those grittier textures seem smoother. I'm not sure whether this should be done, but it seemed to do the job nicely throughout different resolutions, without much of a performance dip.

All in all this does have a noticeable impact on FPS. I had to switch mine to 3200x1800 just to avoid going under 30fps on maxed settings.
If you have a PC that can handle it I would definitely recommend this one, even going down in resolution the game ended up looking a lot better for me.

The most noticeable differences will be seen in areas where it's either really bright or really dark, due to the nature of this preset. Tiny amounts of the darkest and brightest details will be lost, while the rest gets accentuated.

(SIDENOTE: I'm not an idiot, during in-game play the amount of colors that actually get clipped is close to nil. It's mostly the shades you'd encounter while looking at the sun or standing in the darkest corners of a cave, I didn't go overboard. I realize most people dislike Fake-HDR, for this particular reason, but it's actually pretty useful in making what is supposed to stand out, stand out.)

A lot of people will probably tell you this is too bright. They speak lies to corrupt you.
If for some ungodly reason, you do feel like this is too bright, disable PiecewiseFilmicTonemap.

EDIT: I just went outside to confirm my suspicions, and it is just like I suspected. As of 6/15/2020 15:05 GMT+1, the sun, is indeed bright.
Inspecting it very closely has led me to this expansion of knowledge, which has ascertained to me that this so called 'sunlight', in fact, does make things a tad bit brighter.
If only any of the developers had went and double checked. Rookie-mistake. NP for fix.

EyeAdaption does just what the name says it does, it simulates adapting to darkness and brightness.
I've set it to adapt fairly fast, mainly because it's a game, and you don't want to wait 5 minutes to be able to see in the dark, but also because making it adapt too slowly will make quickly looking up at the bright sky seem odd.
(You'll see the same shades you'd expect to see in a picture, only moving around, until it's finally done adapting. You can play around with it to see what I mean.)

Also, one thing I did notice, greyish scenes make this pre-set look weird. Might've been my imagination, but when I entered back into that town that was supposed to be struck by the plague after choosing to save a family, I can remember it looking kinda off-putting.
I'll check it out again soon, might be one possible change to be made if it bothers me.

If you like roleplaying as someone who can't distinguish colors in the night, yet has the unnerving ability to stare straight into the sun and barely observe the light that comes off a unplugged lightbulb, stay playing vanilla, this reshade will break your immersion.

That being said, like all reshades, this one also has it's weak points. In the rare cases where warm lights (or even soft ones at times) are being treated like they actually matter to their surroundings, the resulting effect can be a bit too much. I made sure to make this preset fitting to most scenario's, though.

I know it's a lot of different effects, but they all play a role together, so avoid disabling any of them to get the best out of this preset.
If you do disable one, often you have to disable a lot more, because they compensate each other.

Seems like I've come up with enough words, once again.
If for some reason you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a post, just don't expect a fast response.

NOTE: Seems like I totally forgot to adjust sharpening and blurring for 1080p, I'll be adding that as an optional file right now.
The regular one is optimized for 4k.

Above is Vanilla in 1080p, maxed out.

And here is the same scene using ReShade.

It's a bit hard to spot after the pictures lost all their quality being converted to .jpg, but the trees really do look terrible in vanilla 1080p.
The leaves are all jagged and shit, even though AA is at max.
After taking a look at faraway tree's, I figured adding to the sharpening and blurring was necessary, that's the only change though.