Assassin's Creed Odyssey
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Makacha and Bourriquet

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Tintable Alternative Outfits for Barnabas & Herodotus

Permissions and credits
Please note: At the moment it's not possible to change the tint of the default Barnabas & Herodotus outfits without some visual bugs.

A huge thank you to Makacha for all her help, advices and support ! ;)
Also many thanks to Hypermorphic for his wonderful tool "Forger Patch Manager"
Without them this mod would not have been possible...

Mod description:

Change the default outfits for Barnabas & Herodotus to custom outfits (Perikles's Symposium outfit for Herodotus). Both new outfits for Barnabas & Herodotus are tintable in various options (see screenshots) so you can match the color of your two "Fellow Journeyers" to your Adrestia/Crew skin color.


Forger Patch by Hypermorphic:

If you didn't already use Forger Patch I suggest you to first read the user guide here:


1) If not already made, first install  Forger Patch Tool by Hypermorphic (see Requirement)
2) Extract the mod archive, then put the "FellowJourneyers.forger2" file in the "ForgerPatches" folder in your game directory.
3) Launch Forger Patch. Normally you must see a new patch (underline in yellow) "Fellow Journeyers"
If not, use the "Rescan" button.

4) You must see 2 boxes. One for Barnabas and one for Herodotus. just tick each boxes and choose your desired tint option in
     the next windows "Outfit Color Option" (refer to screenshots) and validate with "select" button.
 Note 1: You can choose different color option for each outfits but same option for both outfit have generally better matches.

 Note 2: If you want to keep the original outfit for Barnabas or Herodotus just leave the corresponding box unticked.

 Note 3: If you want to change the color of an outfit open Forger, untick the box of the outfit then close Forger. Open Forger
               and tick the box again and choose your new color option.

5) Don't forget to close Forger Patch before launching the game.

1) Open Forger Patch and uncheck all the boxes of the mod and close Forger Patch.

2) Delete  "FellowJourneyers.forger2"  file in your "ForgerPatches" folder.


  At the moment, there shouldn't be any but this mod will be obviously incompatible with any possible future mod that modifiy
  Baranbas or Herodotus outfit...


If your game won't start or crash try:

1) Uncheck all the mod boxes and try to relaunch the game.
2) Use the "Reset All Forges" button in Forger Patch.
3) Use the verify and repair fonction (steam or Uplay)

Tools used and thanks:

- Blacksmith by Pineapples721 and Theawesomecoder61

- Forger Patch by Hypermorphic

Mod used in screenshots and thanks:

For Kassandra:

- Nude Greece by Hypermorphic (To remove the "ripped piece of cloth" under the Hunter outfit torso belt)

- Player Customizations by Hypermorphic (for Kassandra's hair)

- Kassandra Enhanced Muscle Definition by Skylightglare and Ilikedetectives

- Choose Your Spear by Valas991

Thanks to all the modders who spend hours and hours to make wonderful mods and tools :)