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Change color of Kassandra's hairband

Permissions and credits
***Requires forger to work.

  1. hypermorphic's Forger 2.7 Utility tool
  2. This "KassandraHairbandColors.forger2" file and "KassandraHairband" folder

***If you are new to Forger, make sure to read the User Guide before getting started.
  1. Drop the extracted files ("KassandraHairbandColors.forger2" and "KassandraHairband" folder) into your "ForgerPatches" folder, located inside your game folder (same location as your ACOdyssey.exe file).
  2. Open Forger 2.7, hit "Rescan" if necessary. New patches will be highlighted in yellow, and updates to existing patches will display in green.
  3. Check one color you want and wait for it to load. There are 5 options: Gold, Bronze, Purple, Pink, and Light Brown.
  4. Close Forger. If you leave Forger opened and start the game, your files may get corrupted and you will have to restore the game before reinstalling Forger.
  5. Open the game and play as Kassandra.

  • The colors of NPC's footwear, Blacksmith, and Eye Patch will be affected when this mod is activated.
  • Tested with UPlay version 1.5.1 and the mod works.
  • Compatible with ReShade.

  1. Try clicking "Reset All Forges" button in Forger and reapplying the mod.
  2. If not, try "Reset All Forges" again. Then, verify the game files via UPlay and repair corrupted game files.
  3. If this still doesn't work, follow the instructions under "restoring the game" in Forger 2 User Guide.
  4. If all else fails, try uninstalling and reinstalling the game.
***This mod may not work on pirated versions of the game. We cannot and will not provide support if this is the case.

  • BenderBendingRodriguez3000 for making the mod and allow me to convert his Resorep mod to forger.
  • skylightglare for being an amazing collaborator who is an expert on .dds modification.
  • makacha for her super helpful modder's guide and helping us troubleshooting some errors.
  • hypermorphic for making Forger patch manager, Alexios Customizer mod, and sharing helpful info files. Without his tremendous contribution, this mod would not be possible.
  • theawesomecoder61 for creating Blacksmith, which is a tremendous help to locate and extract .dds files.