Assassin's Creed Odyssey
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Allows you to change Myrrine's appearance.

Permissions and credits

This mod lets you change Myrrine's hair style, skin tone, hair and eye colour and her outfit. It was meant to complement hypermorphic's excellent player customizers.


Unzip and drop the file "Myrrine_customizer.forger2" into your "ForgerPatches" directory.
Launch Forger and tick the box corresponding to the feature you want to change, then select the new option in the drop-down menu.

Note: Forger makes permanent -but reversible- changes to your game, so you don't have to run the tool every time you're playing.

To get Myrrine's original appearance back

Launch Forger and untick the boxes corresponding to the features you have changed.


1. Deactivate the mod to revert to an unedited version of the forge files.
2. Delete the file "Myrrine_customizer.forger2" from your "ForgerPatches" directory.


There shouldn't be any.


- To pineapples721/theawesomecoder61 for Blacksmith, the assets browser.
- To hypermorphic, the creator of Forger, for his tremendous help.

Altered forge files

- DataPC_SharedGroup_00.forge
- DataPC_15_dlc_patch_01.forge
- in DLC 34: DataPC_34_dlc.forge
- in DLC 43: DataPC_43_dlc.forge
- in DLC 54: DataPC_54_dlc.forge