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Resorep is cool and easy to install, but I did not found any easy way for the technically less savvy, so I created this frame/tutorial. After this you can use any Black Flag texture mod!

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Hi. I simplified the method as much as I can. Please give it a try, as before this we were unable to mod Black Flag at all... And once you set it up, installing texture mods is going to be like: "I throw these textures in this folder" and boom... REALLY, This is just 7 easy steps....

For starters:
RESOREP does not change the game. It is a directx hook that access the textures stored in RAM when the game runs, and swaps them with the textures you throw in your mod folder.
First rule: you should ALWAYS only throw dds texture files in that folder. Without any additional folders. The game knows the textures by their file name....

1.: Download my zip on THIS mod page. It is a frame. Locate the folder where your game is installed (the one that contains AC4BFSP.exe).
2.: Copy the contents of my zip to that folder. (the .ini file and the two empty folders) so the dllsettings.ini and the two folders from the zip will sit right next to your game exe.

3.: open the dllsettings.ini file with notepad, or similar.

now... in this file You must change all C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\games\Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag\ to the path YOUR game is installed in. So for example, if you have AC4BFSP.exe in D:\Games\Black Flag\, you should do this:

instead of:
modded_textures_folder=C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\games\Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag\modded_textures_folder
change it to:
modded_textures_folder=D:\Games\Black Flag\modded_textures_folder

and do the same for all the parts where it says C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\games\Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag\

then save the file in notepad, and close it.

4.: If you have windows 10, go to your windows directory, and there to SysWOW64 directory. For most people it is:
Copy the d3d11.dll you see there to your game directory. (where your ACBFSP.exe is located)
Once it is there, Rename it to  ori_d3d11.dll

(If you have a 32 bit system, or any windows that does not have SysWOW64 inside the windows directory, you would need d3d11.dll stored in Windows\System32 directory. But ONLY then!)

5.: You must understand, that most probably Nexusmods does not like .dlls stored on it... So you need to download Resorep yourself.

If you want to know more about Resorep, you can research here:

But you can directly download it from here:

6.: after you downloaded the Resorep zip file, just unpack it anywhere you like. You do not need to install anything....

Open the resorep folder you just unpacked,  and go inside the folder of your windows version. That is "Win 10" in my case.
copy the dx11proxy32.dll you find there to your game folder. (where
AC4BFSP.exe is located.) (as Black Flag is a 32 bit game....)

7.: Rename
dx11proxy32.dll in your game folder to d3d11.dll

It should be properly set up by now... See? 7 easy steps.

YAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are DONE!

After this point you can download any mods that require resorep, and you only need to copy the .dds files from that mod, and just drop them to the
modded_textures_folder in your Black Flag game folder.
If you do not want a mod anymore, just check the filenames it uses, and delete those files from modded_textures_folder.



q: Why the hell do I need to copy a "system file", d3d11.dll from my windows dir?

a: because Resorep guys are cautious, and want to make sure that they do not use the original :DD. Hell, d3d11.dll is a core directx file, basically they need it (renamed to ori_d3d11.dll) to hook their methods defined in their own dll (renamed to d3d11.dll) so directx will replace any textures stored in the RAM while the game runs, with textures from the mod folder. They basically run a modified directx dll, instead of the original- so this way they leave the system files alone. Actually this is just a hook, that calls the ...copy... of the original dll, so they do not even modify directx libraries or methods.

q: My game does not want to start since I made the setup, THANKS, you sorry sod.... NOW WHAT?

a: Don't panic :P just rename the d3d11.dll file IN YOUR GAME DIRECTORY to something else, or delete it... SO the game will use the original dll faar away from the game folder. That's it, resorep is dead. Game is back to stock...

q: on the other hand, I might want to make resorep work anyway... What should I do?

a: just leave a comment with the details of the error you get, I will get back to you as soon as I see it. The more information you leave at first, the less time I need to help... XD
in 99% of the cases you are using a copy of a wrong .dll either from the system, or from the Resorep zip. You can mix it up, but in most cases it is easy to resolve.

q: What the hell is a .7z file? Resorep is not contained in a classic .zip o_O

a: Well. Shame on the creators. 7z is heavily used and accepted, but why not store it in a classic zip...? That eludes me. The latest WinRar can handle .7z files just fine, like rar or zip, but in any case you can download the original 7z application as well. (google? Just stay with the official page...) If you are suffering heavily, I can think about a solution. Let me know.

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