Assassin's Creed II
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Play Assassin's Creed II with HD Shadows!

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HD Shadow Map Resolution Mod


Play Assassin's Creed II with HD Shadows!


Launch the exe, launch Assassin's Creed II, press [F1] to set the shadow maps resolution to 1024 (default highest ingame setting), [F2] to set them to 2048 (twice the highest ingame setting), and [F3] to set them to 4096 (max possible setting allowed by the game engine).


The Assassin's Creed II - HD Shadow Map Res. Mod v1.0.ct file is not needed to use this mod, it is just included in the archive for the curious (you will need Cheat Engine software to use it).

Known Issues:

- Sometimes the mod won't work, simply close the program and relaunch it (no need to close Assassin's Creed II).
- Unfortunately, some shadows are not covered by this mod (and even by the ingame settings), and so are always displayed with very low definition. You can notice some of them in the modern Assassin's hideout, in the warehouse.


- Version 1.0: Initial release


Design by Dr4Wm4N
Cheat Engine table by Melpontro (was found on assassinscreed subreddit)
This program was made with Cheat Engine