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2 saves for Assassins Creed Liberation Remastered, for those who have beaten it already on the HD edition and just want to sandbox around.

There are 2 saves, like I mentioned, both of which have completed the story (good ending, if you care) and have kept collection to a bare minimum, buying and unlocking the buildings/viewpoints which the game forces you too, as well as a chest in sequence 7. That's all that's done. Sync isn't 100% because this was my second playthrough and I admittedly rushed through it.

Basically this save is for those subset of weirdos like me who love postgame sandboxing and collecting everything. I personally created this save so I can restart with the story done so I can rebuild my business empire again.

The two saves are the same, but with one of them set to 0 money from the start if that's your thing. The other just has the money from completing the story.

There is a catch though.

I'm not sure about this, so I'll need people who downloaded this to let me know. As you might know, UPlay saves are infamously encrypted to your account id. However, Ubi seem to have reformatted the saves for this remaster completely. So it might not be encrypted. And the fantastic ACSavetool doesn't seem to work on it (search it up on github, it's a good tool) so there might be a chance it will work on you. Also worth noting that I redeemed every Uplay reward for both 3 and Liberation, so I'm not sure if that would affect the chances of loading success. If anyone does download this to use in their game, let me know the result.

Again, because saves are different, put the file (one of the two!) in your Documents\Assassin's Creed Liberation HD\SAVES folder. It will take up slot 2. So BACK UP BEFOREHAND!