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This mod is to make Assasin's Creed look marginally better via updated environment textures, new water textures, new plant/foliage textures and even new character model textures along with updated normal maps and specular maps.

Permissions and credits
This mod uses Texmod to update the textures of Assassins creed (DX9 only) to make the game look considerably better.
This mod includes updated new environment textures, new water textures, new plant/foliage textures and even new character model textures along with updated normal maps and specular maps.. Although this is just in beta stages, i believe alot has been done for the short amount of time i've been doing it.
I'm currently working towards getting the full version of Quixel but I have a lack of funds to do so.. so bare with me as progress will be slow given the tools I have to resort to.

I highly recommend checking out the Moddb version here (Under a different alias).

I've looked everywhere for the creator of texmod so i could make a DX10 version, but they are pretty much non-existent.
I am looking into parallax mapping though, as it would bring realism to the game, which would most likely be possible through an ENB.

28/03/15 - I'm wondering if i should do the mod in three separate pieces;
1. Vegetation
2. Floor, wall and some non character models
3. Characters.

11/04/15 - version 0.02 should be released within a week of this update.. just building separate packages aswell as the main package, Thank you for your patience.

26/11/2016 - Okay, so time has flown by drastically for the past year since I started working on this. I'm really sorry I've not updated this in a while, but the truth is, I've not touched this since July this year. I've recently just had a beautiful daughter and she has been mine and my partners main priority; I've dabbled with this mod whenever I've had a bit of spare time but nothing drastic or major, only little changes to existing custom textures. I'm looking to jump back into this but its hard when it will take so much of my time up (which I don't have much of due to my new job), I also don't entirely have all the right tools to keep it up as a regular thing. I hope you can all be understanding of my absence and I hope you haven't all died out of boredom. If anyone wants to be a tester for me, be in on the project or just help with anything, then shoot me an email and i'll be sure to get back to you as any help is greatly appreciated.24/06/2021 - So i've not long just bought myself a Nikon D3500 camera, with this i'm going to be spending any spare time i have to taking pictures of vegetation, dirt and other surfaces to be repurposed into textures.
Hopefully this way, i can achieve a great deal more realism in this new revamp of the mod.
I bought a gaming laptop second hand too but i couldn't get it to work, so i'm looking to purchase another soon so i can work on the go and improve my workflow.
Thank you guys for waiting and being so understanding!
Please be kind enough to disable adblock when downloading the files :3
(Updates may take a while as i am currently working a job alongside this and another project... a guy's gotta eat somehow)