Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon
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Make the game story mode

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Every item in the screenshot is 'god mode' and all have much lower equip weight and energy load so that you can slot any item into a pre-existing build. All items are free and can be purchased from the shop as soon as the shop is available.
*HAL armor parts will no longer take damage
*Coral Rifle Redshift (Right) Now has no cooldown and is an insta-kill beam
*Coral Oscillators WLT and Redshift now home in from much further away and are one-shot weapons. The WLT will also melee home in from anywhere for a little movement buff and both have had cooldown removed
*Coral Shield is now god mode and has no limit, no cooldown, and stops all damage. Perfect for someone who doesn't want full god mode
*The Laser Orbits now have one shot ammo and no cooldown
*The Booster now costs nothing
*The FCS unit has double distance
*The Generator will now instantly recharge energy

-These are all tested and working-

Make sure to keep a copy of your saves and your original reg.bin file just in case

To Install:
Place the 1.0 reg.bin file into your game directory. After using the shop for whatever god mode items you want install 1.0.1 the exact same way to revert the shop. Uninstalling is as easy as putting the original file back or deleting the modded one and verifying your files through steam

*In the optional files there is now a 'true story mode' mod that installs the exact same. The only differences in the mods are what armor and weapons are affected. This mod affects the starting loudout the game gives you. The only other change is that the matching missile launcher for the left side is supercharged as well because I wanted the back slots to be able to match. There are no shop changes with this mod at all so the duplication bug is non-existent in this version. The parts can be mixed and matched with the store items as well to provide anything from a small amount of help from a better booster/generator to a huge amount of help by equipping the entire set and showing these people what plot armor really is :) The install is the exact same as the others, just pop the reg.bin file into your main game directory

You cannot play online with this. It will just not log you in and you'll be in offline mode. To play online you need the original reg.bin. THIS IS FOR OFFLINE PLAY ONLY!

****There is a bug that will double your inventory if you buy or pick up something you've bought for free from the shop. YOU WILL END UP WITH 2! There is an update that reverts the shop to normal and keeps god mode. Use this AFTER buying what you want AND ARE OKAY WITH HAVING 2 OF. 1.0.1 will end up being your used reg.bin if you're swapping a lot to go online****