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The updated version of Sam's Immersion as I can't make changes to the steam workshop version.

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What is it?
Sam's Immersion is a realism mod made up of many addons from the Arma 3 community as well as a few personal touches to add more realism to the game, it improves A.I, immersion and adds new mechanics.
There are two steps to take to get the most out of this mod. 
1. Go to your Arma directory, then Arma 3\!Workshop\@Sam's Immersion (make sure hidden folders are visible). Now cut the userconfig file from the mod's file(s) and paste it in Arma's main directory. 
If you already have a userconfig folder with files in it in the main Arma directory, instead of moving the entire userconfig folder from the mod just move the files inside it to the preexisting one. 
2. Once in Arma, head to controls > configure addons and make sure you bind everything. It is also highly recommended to thoroughly go through your server side CBA settings for all the new mods. 
Core Features
Enhanced Movement Reworked's climbing and vaulting, Blastcore Murr edition's blast effects, Bloodlust's gore, Goobins Gameplay Enhancements, ASR, Vcom A.I & Lamb's A.I tweaks and many more additions that genuinely make Arma feel alive.
A.I has been reworked to be more intelligent and more capable in gunfights. No longer are the soldiers of Arma simply "Grunts". They can now vault obstacles, drag injured comrades and flee or surrender to the enemy (among other things).
Once a soldier has incapacitated an enemy unit, they will drag it to cover if it is safe to do so and treat its wounds. The enemy soldier will then most likely surrender or try to run away once it regains consciousness.
More notable features: Soldiers now yell and shout in battle, utilise smoke grenades better and use cover in a more advanced fashion.
Guns have realistic and more randomised weapon recoil. All vehicles are visible according to terrain view distance, not object. Helicopters unsettle dust on the ground when flying low or landing, and planes now create sonic booms and other aero effects. Tracers will illuminate the area around them at night, making firefights in the dark look mesmerising. When aiming, the player takes a few seconds to align their scope correctly. It is now more important to dress appropriately for battle, as A.I will be better at detecting you if your clothing does not blend in with the environment around you. Bullet cases that fall from weapons no longer disappear, they remain on the ground. Many other great features didn't make it to this list, so it is recommended to create some quick scenarios to experiment with. 
I highly recommend you change the optics bind to hold down simply because its better ;). I also suggest you use Drongos AI Fire Support as it adds an extra layer of immersion to battles. Finally, ToH Characters is a great mod that adds lots of variety to the heads available in Arma.
Please note
I do not take credit for any of the significant changes. If you have any issue with your mod being included please message me. I simply compiled and tweaked the mods contained in this mod or added compatibility. Full credit goes to the original creators of each mod. For a complete list of mods, head to the discussion tab. If you have a bug report, suggestion or general feedback please report it in the feedback discussion.