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This mod enables you to build the research institute at the start of the game and without the need to complete the Land of Lions story. Several needs of scholars, as well as institute construction cost and maintenance have been replaced to make it possible to sustain scholars from the beginning of the game.

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After playing the LoL Story about 5 times already, I wanted to take adventage of the research feature without needing to go through the story again. This Mod does just that, by unlocking everything from the start.

In order to make it viable to build the research institute and Scholar Residences at the very beginning, several changes have been made:

Construction cost of scholar residence: Reduced to 100 gold and 10 timber

Construction cost of research Institute (Foundation): 1000 gold and 50 timber

Construction cost of research Institute (Stage 1): 150 timber and 150 wood / Farmer workforce

Construction cost of research Institute (Stage 2): 150 bricks and 150 wood / Worker workforce

Research Workforce: Worker 

Scholar residence:
All Enbesa needs have been replaced with old world/new world stuff:

Seafood Stew -> Bread
Hibiscus Tea -> Coffee
Tapestries -> Pocketwatch
Clay Pipes -> Cigars

new needs:
Pub (basic need)
Schnapps (luxery need)

There are also changes to the tailors shop and bootmakers: They now take wool and pigs as input and are much cheaper to build/maintain.

A few of the Scholar related items (mainly those that have something to do with enbesa products) were also changed.

This is already quite a powerful mod (though you do have to keep in mind that scholars don't provied income), but if you really want to break the balance of game, I've also added an " Scholars on steroids" mod, which reduces research times for everything to 2 seconds and keeps research cost constant.

Update 1.1: Reduced construction/maintenance cost of advanced buildings (e.g. andvanced coffee roaster) so that you can build/maintain them with artisans