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This mod adds 19 new buildings with some decent properties. Many of them are magnificent monuments!

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This mod adds 19 new buildings: 
- Police station has new variant (Shift+v)
- University has a new variant (Shift+v)
- Restaurant has a new variant (Shift+v)
- All kind of malls have one new variant (Shift+v)
- Church has 2 new variations (Shift+v)
- All new buildings are gathered in a new construction-menu at investors menu (right behind palace)
- unlocked at 1000 artisans:
- Main Firestation (large fire station with a longer range)
- Garrison Church (large church; -3% consumption of all goods; +2 population satisfaction)
- Urban Townhall (works as a normal townhall but grant +20 influence)
- unlocked at 7000 scholars:
- Imperial Institute (Monument, -15% less consumption of all goods for scholars)
- Office of Telegraphy (Larger Radio-Tower with a higher range)
- unlocked at 1 investor:
- Botanical Hall (gives the set buff of the botanical garden: Near East, Amazonas, Enchanted)
- Urban Museum (gives the set buff of the museum pieces: Origin of Mankind, Huaca in the New World, Lost Tribes, Heirlooms of the Gold-Realm and Gods of the Delta without owning these sets)
- unlocked at 5000 investors:
- City Hall (serves as a city hall with 3 slots, which, however, cover the entire island)
- Administration of Seafaring (+ 50% port activity; + 50% loading speed; + 10% attractiveness of all port buildings)
- unlocked at 7500 investors:
- Monarch Cathedral (+3 happiness population; -3% consumption of all goods, normal church)
- Monumental opera (large variety; if the mod "Old-Town" is active it also satisfies "Higher Culture"; +3 happiness population)
- unlocked at 7500 investors:
- Tax office monument (large bank; +20 attractiveness banks; Effect on all companies + 5% productivity)
- Palace of Justice (additional palace-ministry +10 attractiveness Archibalds-castle-parts; +10 attractiveness police stations)