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This mod adds a fashionable new civic hall for your city's elites.

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This mod introduces a new investor-tier event hall for your city's elites, not dissimilar to the role St. George's Hall played in Liverpool- perfect for the cultural hearts of your cities!

GU16 Update: Thanks Jakob, Hier0nimus, Hackner, and shane868 for updating these mods due to my busy schedule! This update includes new translations as well.

National Civic Hall

A magnificent landmark and venue for a rich variety of sophisticated regional events, ranging from balls and concerts, to criminal trials and exhibitions of academic art.

  • 7x15 
  • Unlocked at 11000 Investors. 
  • This building has a special buff, 'The Social Season', with an effect radius of 35 tiles. 
  • Costs $2500 to maintain.

Construction Costs
  • Costs $150000
  • 100 Wood Planks
  • 150 Bricks
  • 100 Steel Beams
  • 100 Windows
  • 200 Reinforced Concrete
  • 50 Brass
  • 75 Filaments
  • 100 Wood Veneers

The Social Season

The social season is a sumptuous and boozy period of the year, when the rich and powerful descend onto the city from their estates to rub shoulders and develop grudges.

  • Affects investor residences & members clubs in the radius.
  • Adds 2 attractiveness points to each residence.
  • Adds 2 influence points to each residence.
  • Adds 5 happiness to each residence.
  • Increases the service range of all members clubs by 25%.


  • You will need the anno1800-mod-loader installed, or at least an alternative version.
  • Place into your mods folder.
  • If you are experiencing issues with the graphics not appearing, place the moddinggraphics folder inside the Anno 1800\data folder.


This mod includes all necessary texture sizes & LODs to best optimize your experience!

This mod should be save-game safe, with the building disappearing if the mod is removed.

The other mods seen in the photograph are my Street Trees and Mediterranean Foliage, and Red Tile Roof Building Variations mods.

Thanks to Robin for playtesting this mod.