About this mod

The perfect specialists and items pack is a set of 125 specialists and items for all regions. Some buildings or items did not got the love they deserve and did not recieve a specialist or legendary streat. This mod wants to change this by giving almost every building and item a specialist or legendary variant.

Permissions and credits
How to install?

Install the mod
- Download the mod from this website and unpack the downloaded folder on your computer
- Create a "mods" folder inside your main Anno 1800 install directory if it is not there yet. There should be a "Bin", "maindata" and other folders next to the created folder.
- Put the extracted folder inside the "mods" folder you created
- Start the game!
- The new specialists should be available to research and use in the game

Translations available in:
Deutsch / German - Taludas
Italiano / Italian -  Savro
中国 / Chinese - hanthe2th
Polska / Polish - Aveneger432
Español / Spanish - mfuegar
Русский / Russian - Zivers & DrD_AVEL
Français / French - Khobs
한국어 / Korean - Nubula01

Really big thank you for the translators!
If you want to translate one of the missing languages or contribute, contact me.

Changes in v18.7
- Added Korean translations thanks to Nubula01