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Make Archibald proud! This mod adds the gas works, a set of buildings that allow you to manufacture gas in the Old World and Cape Trelawney.

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Tired of managing arctic logistics, and prefer to manufacture gas in a more convenient manner? Running out of room for additional gas mines? Then look no further! This mod adds the Gas Works, an industrial plant that takes coal and transforms it into a flammable gas suitable for manufacturing and electrical generation. Gas works producing coal gas were the primary method that cities in Europe first got flammable gas in the 19th century, and were widespread throughout the continent—until the advent of natural gas in the mid-20th century.

The gas works functions uniquely in that the base gas works manufactures gas at a slow rate, but with each additional gasometer placed nearby, productivity rises—along with workforce requirement, running cost, and the amount of pollution generated.

The caveat though, is that with a productive plant comes high pollution and running costs—so there is a clear trade-off in comparison with Arctic gas. And of course, many of the most polluted industrial sites in our real world were gas works, so be mindful of which islands you want these buildings situated on.

GU14 Update: GU14 fixes + new UI changes by Jakob. Added strings for Taiwanese (thanks zw12356) & French + Industry Department Buffs (thanks Fuffzehn). You will need to load from a pre-GU14 save in order for this to work, or the problem will persist. This applies to all industrial mods as well!

GU16 Update: Technically no updated needed, but the opportunity was taken to add translations for all languages, and to reduce the worker workforce needed for the base building from 500 to 350.

Building Info

  • The gas works and gasometers unlock at 1 Investor in the OW, same as the gas-fired power plant.
  • They can be found in Investor tab in the Tier construction menu, and in the Materials tab in the type construction menu.
  • The base gas works is uniquely buffed by each gasometer placed within a close proximity, with each buff stacking onto the total.

Gas Works
  • 6x6
  • Costs $20000 to build, and $1500 to maintain.
  • Requires 500 worker workforce at the base rate.
  • Provides -50 attractiveness to your island.
  • Produces 1 gas from 4 coal every 540 seconds (9 minutes) at the base rate, with storage for 8 coal and 2 gas.
  • Can be adjusted for working conditions for additional 50% productivity.
  • Can be electrified for additional 100% productivity.
Construction Costs
  • 25 Timber
  • 50 Bricks
  • 10 Steel Beams
  • 25 Reinforced Concrete
  • 10 Steam Motors

  • 5x5
  • Costs $10000 to build.
  • Has a 12 tile radius which must overlap half of the gas works in order for the buff to be applied.
  • Has three different visual variants.
  • Increases productivity of the gasworks by 25%.
  • Increases maintenance costs of the gas works by 20%.
  • Increases workforce requirements by 5%.
  • Adds an additional -10 attractiveness to the gas works.
Construction Costs
  • 10 Timber
  • 25 Bricks
  • 25 Steel Beams
  • 25 Reinforced Concrete

Items Affecting Gas Works

  • Smoke Detector
  • Iron Grillwork
  • Double Iron Grillwork
  • Iron and Glass Grillwork
  • Fire Safety Poster
  • Fire Prevention Directive
  • Fizgig's Fabulous Fireproofing Failsafe
  • Certificate of Inspection
  • Certificate of Industrial Standard
  • Von Malching's Labour Law Proposal
  • Hall of Collective Property
  • Bureau of Worker-Owned Cooperatives
  • Coal Permit
  • Heavy Coal Permit
  • Lord Footprint's Gargantuan Smokestack Act
  • ForkTuN8 Mk.1
  • ForkTuN8 Mk.2
  • ForkTuN8 Mk.3 - Very ForktuN8 Indeed


  • You will need the anno1800-mod-loader installed, or at least an alternative version.
  • Place into your mods folder.
  • If you are experiencing issues with the graphics not appearing, place the moddinggraphics folder inside the Anno 1800\data folder.


The gasometer has three visual variations, accessible by Shift+V.

If you click on the gasometers, you will be able to see the production bonus radius limit.

The gas works should be affected by associated palace policies, working conditions, or influence bonuses. 

The gasometers can also be placed independently of the gas works as just ornamentation. 

No buffs or items affect the gasometers.

This mod contains all necessary LODs and texture sizes to ensure that it runs best on all computers!

Big thanks to fam and taubenangriff for helping me with the template needed to make the gasometers and their buffs work correctly. Thanks to Phoenīx and Robin for the playtesting, photos, and the German translation. Thanks to Fuffzehn for the industry department buff code, zw12356 for the Taiwanese translation, and Jakob for the new UI changes & images.