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A unique mod that changes the game's visual experience by modifying and adding new textures/buildings for Engineer & Investor tier residents.

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The fix to make it compatible was actually a very minor addition. Everything is still the same as before but the mod should load now.
Use Shift + V or your own keybind to change building variation. When moving buildings the variation gets reset, so you will just have to make sure the location of the variation is where you want it. To rotate use the "," & "." keys.

I haven't played the game in a long time, the fix makes the mod work but I have not tested if there are any other issues. Please post and let me know if you do stumble across some problems. 
Perhaps in the future I will update this mod with more content. 

This mod aims to create a more unique and distinct visual effect for engineer & investor's residential buildings.
The roof colors will blend much better with the artisan and worker tier buildings, the additional taller buildings are part of the extended variations for the residential building.

  • Engineer residential buildings have had their blue roof color replaced with red& black.
  • Engineer residential buildings has4 additional variations of taller buildings.
  • Investor residential buildings also have new roof textures that stays away from the green.
  • Investor residential buildings have multiple variations added to the list (shift + v) to change.
  • Workers residential buildings now have 2 new variations 
  • Farmers residential buildings now have 2 new variations

This mod should have no compatibility issues, unless you have other mods that modifies your t4-5 residential buildings.

Save game compatible.

Compatible with most if not all other mods that does not modify your residential Tier 4 & 5 buildings. ( I built this mod while using spice it up, so there should be no issue there )

When in game, use shitf + v or your own shortcut that changes the building variations to see the new buildings. 


This mod requires that you have the latest modloader
DL link (


Extract the [Mod] Project_Distinction_v1.0 folder to your Anno 1800 mods folder.
Should look something like this (C:\Program Files\Ubisoft Game Launcher\games\Anno 1800\mods)


You may notice some texture clipping issues on some of the new buildings, fear not some day I will fix those.

You may notice when zoomed super far away some of the new buildings have a black box on them ( not noticeable ) if that is the case, you're shtout of luck. I haven't got a clue to how to fix that... (not a big issue unless you put your eyes on the screen)