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Airships reworked to have more loading capacity (200), to be Instantly Built at Hangar, have 8 Cargo slots, 6 Item slots and only cost 1 Influence point each.

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Airships Reworked.

I have been trying to get all the effects of this mod on Airships by editing multiple preexisting mods that include the Airship Guid for whatever reason, (faster build time, more cargo slots and such the like.) but it never worked out. Could not get all effects working at same time as the various mods must have been conflicting. Or the "add" or "merge" coding in the XMLs seemed to do nothing. So I decided to make a standalone mod just for Airships, - no other ship types - with all the effects I want in one, single asset XML file tinkering with the order of "add" and "merge" coding. Then make sure the load order of this mod comes later in the list than all other mods that have Airship edits.

I actually edited out all references to the Airship Guid in all other mod XMLs I use by other creators just to be certain of no conflicts whatsoever. If you're comfortable with editing asset XML files, I heartily recommend doing same to your mod collection if any mods contain similar Airship references . But I'm sure when making this Airship mod load last in the mod folder, it will do the trick to supersede the influence of other mods on the Airship - hopefully. Just add a "z" or two into the name of the mod to place it much later in your mods folder.

So now, happy to finally have total success with this single mod and all its desired changes on Airships, it's time to share with community.

As seen in the screenshots, the exact changes to Airships are as follows:

- Instant Build from Hangar.

- 8 Cargo Slots

- 6 Item Slots (Even though there are only 5 Items for Airships currently available. One empty spare for luck, eh?)

- Airships cost only 1 Influence point each, so fill the skies with loads of them!!!

- 200 Cargo Capacity per slot.

This last Capacity feature is to work in conjunction with another mod in the Spice It Up collection that gives greater cargo capacity for ships. I also privately edit that mod so that all bigger ships have max 200t capacity, and they can also load and unload max 200t in one go when delivering or collecting at ports. Though I cannot share the edited version as it is a mod made by another creator. You too will need to have and likewise edit that mod so that 200t can be loaded and unloaded in a single go. Otherwise I presume it will be what Airships are in default for the amount that can be loaded and unloaded while at Harbor ports. 30t or 50t, I cannot remember? But with this mod, Airships will still have max of 200t to carry in each of the 8 cargo slots.